Rom Coms, Spider-Mens, and Chainsaw Massacres
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Ahh, February. The season of romance. Craig and Jake discuss the rom coms they watched for Valentine’s Day, the new Spider-man, the new Ghostbusters, the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre, they witness a UFO, and revisit the tagline game. --- Send in a voice message:
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Published 03/08/22
For the first MOVIED! monthly, Craig and Jake discuss their personal histories with the Scream franchise, the perils of the Tom Hanks dentistry scene in Cast Away, the new Oscar-snubbed Nicholas Cage movie Pig, Jake's experience with catching Covid, a Lindsay Lohan marathon in January dubbed...
Published 02/11/22
Craig and Jake each deliver a smokin' hot top 5 movies of the year, discuss the late-pandemic cinemascape, and fight about holiday rom-coms. --- Send in a voice message:
Published 01/03/22