004 – The Lesson
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"In art learn life, in life learn art”. Meet 'The Piano Doctor’, Rolf Dragstra, a third generation piano tuner, who is passing the skill on to his son Ellis. But for Ellis is this a welcome inheritance or a daunting prospect? https://radiowolfgang.com
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How does a father support his teenage child’s transition to becoming a man? From testosterone injections to reconstructive surgery, this story follows a father’s unwavering support as he helps guide his son in his new gender. https://radiowolfgang.com
Published 08/31/16
Published 08/31/16
A trip to the barbers is about more than just a haircut. This episode offers an insight into this all-male hub, the pleasures and the pressures of fatherhood and what it means to be a man, all from the barber’s chair. https://radiowolfgang.com
Published 08/11/16