Mushrooms in Ecuador with Alan Rockefeller and Mandie Quark
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Today we travel to Ecuador with Alan Rockefeller and Mandie Quark of Mycena to talk about the trip we all went on to look for rare and new species of tropical fungi in the jungle. Some were poisonous, some psychedelic, some glowed under UV, some were growing out of insects, and others were brand new to science. We chat about notable tropical species, DNA sequencing, how to find undescribed species and publish them, mushroom photography tips, how to maintain a fungarium, and so mush more...
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Today we dive into the mysterious world of chaga with Ben Bohémier. We don't know much about chaga's life cycle, it's illusive rare fruiting body, or much of anything to say the least. Ben is one of the leading experts on the matter and the more he dives in the weirder this world becomes and the...
Published 06/13/24
Published 06/13/24
Today we sit down with Abe Stone from Michigan Tech to talk about his use of Chondrostereum purpureum — lab nickname “SuperPurp,” inspired by the animated TV series “Adventure Time” - to fight off invasive buckthorn trees in Michigan. We talk about how to find this fungi in the wild, how it...
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