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I can’t tell you the number of times my editing software has crashed in the middle of editing big projects for my clients. Trust me, I always lose my mind when this happens because that means re-editing every single thing. In other circumstances, clients just don’t want to pay even after completion of the work! Such unpleasant experiences have over time contributed to my resilience and growth in this creative journey. I have learnt that such circumstances don’t have to define me. That’s why any opportunity I get to do the things that make me happy besides work, I go for it! As a creative, never deprive yourself of happiness no matter the situation you are going through.
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In this episode, I share my thoughts on the future of Creative Arts. I can’t undermine the fact the future of creatives across the world is bright and we are capable of changing the world with our innovative ideas! We have come to the end of my first Santos Edits series. Thank you so much for...
Published 10/28/22
Published 10/14/22
All creatives out there desire good health so that they can execute their work smoothly. In this episode, I open up about how I suffered and dealt with metal health unknowingly during COVID-19 lockdown. After sharing with some of my creative friends, it occurred to me that they were also going...
Published 10/14/22