Midnight Mike - OBDM | Unsolved Mysteries: UFOs, Orbs, Greys, Bigfoot, and Shapeshifters
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Midnight Mike, Host and Creator of The OBDM podcast joins for a conversation about what led him down this path, where he is most fascinated and what he thinks may come next. Mike shared his insights into UFOlogy, Cryptozoology and the Paranormal. We discussed intimate/invasive alien encounters, where Ufology blurs with fiction. We later discussed skinwalker ranch and the strange corporate interest in the area, Mike played a clip from the Meadows Project as well as another stirring clip of a first hand bigfoot encounter. Mike also relayed the work of David Paulides who claims Bigfoot have their own Language, Economy, and Culture! Follow up with Midnight Mike Here: https://ourbigdumbmouth.com/
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