The elder statesman of smart contract blockchains 0:00 The Ethereum community 1:22 The DAO hack 2:34 Vitalik’s finest and worst moments in protocol politics 5:18 Becoming a Twitter memelord 7:45 Vitalik’s influence on Eth today 8:59 It’s getting harder to do big things in Eth 10:38 Goals outside Ethereum 12:17 Crypto needs the good-natured 15:00 Russia 18:06 Vitalik’s lifestyle 19:51 Closing thoughts 22:06 — Transcript http://nav.al/vitalik-2
Published 04/14/22
Published 04/14/22
Introduction 0:00 Haseeb’s background 0:22 Vitalik’s background 2:43 A blockchain you can build any app on top of 7:02 Eth trades efficiency for transparency 10:18 Like plain text, Eth is simple and efficient 12:41 Only high-value transactions can afford the blockchain 13:08 Doing away with ‘trusted’ third parties 14:09 Trading performance for security 14:43 ‘Impregnable castles made of math’ 16:23 Ethereum’s limitations are latency and privacy 16:56 There are ways to get back your...
Published 04/08/22
Transcript http://nav.al/infinity-1
Published 12/22/21
There was a time when coal wasn’t a resource
Published 12/13/21
We’re going to keep creating new knowledge and new resources
Published 12/10/21
What happens is you get a schism instead
Published 12/08/21
Science’s biggest breakthroughs came from unpopular people
Published 12/06/21
The alternative is who has more guns
Published 12/03/21
Compromise tests ideas no one ever thought were correct in the first place
Published 11/29/21
Technology has swung us towards centralization in the last decade
Published 11/24/21
The generation-long shift from institutions to individuals will be messy
Published 11/22/21
Creativity goes from 0 to 1 and bodies aren’t going to solve the problem
Published 11/19/21
New fortunes are created with ideas
Published 11/17/21
The only thing they will lack is the knowledge they don’t have
Published 11/15/21
We may not be alone in the universe, just too far apart
Published 11/12/21
Evolutionary algorithms don’t produce living beings
Published 11/10/21
From an evolutionary standpoint, it’s near impossible
Published 11/08/21
Creative intelligence wasn’t inevitable
Published 11/03/21
The universe should be teeming with aliens
Published 11/01/21
Humans can understand every idea given enough time and effort
Published 10/30/21
Even the most powerful computers can’t answer ‘why?’
Published 10/27/21
There is no continuum between humans and chimpanzees
Published 10/25/21
Humans aren’t just a form of bacteria that overran the planet
Published 10/22/21
Ideas undergo the same evolutionary process as genes
Published 10/20/21