Innovation is the parent of prosperity
Published 07/15/20
Innovation is the child of freedom
Published 07/05/20
A preview of our other podcast
Published 06/12/20
Discovering the truth can change you where self-improvement fails
Published 03/26/20
Published 03/26/20
Even smart people go along with society’s lies
Published 03/24/20
Wise people are quiet.
Published 03/10/20
Peace is happiness at rest.
Published 03/05/20
The mind should be a servant, not a master
Published 03/03/20
Addiction holds together artificial relationships and fake activities
Published 02/26/20
Pursuing pleasure for its own sake creates addiction. Transcript: http://nav.al/addiction
Published 02/24/20
Happy people make better decisions
Published 02/19/20
If you're a driven, unhappy person, your mind will be on 24/7
Published 02/05/20
Can you significantly increase happiness without losing your drive?
Published 02/05/20
Happiness is returning to a state where nothing is missing
Published 02/05/20
You’re not stuck at your current level of happiness
Published 02/03/20
Happiness is more like poetry than algorithms
Published 01/28/20
Pursuing happiness without material comfort is playing on hard mode
Published 01/28/20
This podcast is a practical philosophy of health, wealth and happiness
Published 01/06/20
Every interview on How to Get Rich
Published 12/10/19
A preview of our other podcast
Published 11/17/19
Externalities let you account for the true cost of products by including hidden costs like environmental damage.
Published 07/31/19
What future income is worth today by applying a discount to its future value.
Published 07/29/19
A lot of people are willing to pay more than what companies charge.
Published 07/25/19
You can charge people more for extras based on their propensity to pay.
Published 07/23/19