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In this last episode, we meet Marie Bredager, communications manager and project manager at Forum Tingbjerg. This organization helps people living in the so-called "ghetto" area of Tingbjerg. In this last episode, we focus on solutions and the future that awaits young people growing up in this neighborhood. What role do politicians play in improving the conditions of these young people? And what about the media? Emilie from the Crime prevention Council, Mohammed from Dandelion and Marie from Forum Tingbjerg share their point of view.
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Dans ce dernier épisode, on va à la rencontre de Marie Bredager, responsable des communications et chargée de projet à Forum Tingbjerg. L'organisme vient en aide aux personnes habitant le quartier dit ghetto de Tingbjerg. Dans ce dernier épisode, on se concentre sur les solutions et l'avenir qui...
Published 03/06/20
In each of my interviews, one element is recurrent: all agree that the parties in power aggravate the problem of juvenile crime in the so-called "ghetto" neighbourhoods. The party most often mentioned when it comes to discrimination against residents of these areas is the Danish People's Party...
Published 02/28/20