Is Entrepreneurship Right for Me?
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So you’re thinking quitting your full-time job and working for yourself. Or maybe you’ve already decided that the corporate life isn’t for you and you have a passion project that could become a full-fledged business. What do you need to consider before you walk away from your corporate career? Have you thought about the financial risks, how you’ll find community or mentorship, or what your future would look like with less of a roadmap? This week on New Here, we follow Jemma Sbeg as she leaves her successful consulting career to pursue her passion project—her now-hit podcast, The Psychology of your 20s. Host Elainy Mata interviews Jemma on her first day of working for herself—to learn how she made the decision to leave her full-time job and what her hopes and fears are for her new work life. Then Elainy and Jemma have a second conversation after Jemma’s been working on her own for five months. You’ll learn which of Jemma’s fears were warranted, how she battled loneliness, managed her money, and whether or not she is actually happier working for herself. Have a career question? Let us know at [email protected]. Key topics include: entrepreneurship, career transitions, managing yourself, careers. More Resources: · Should you quit your 9-5? (The Psychology of your 20s) · Should You Quit Your Job? (Holly Bauer Forsyth) · Are You Cut Out to Be an Entrepreneur? (Shirish Nadkarni) · The Right Way to Make a Big Career Transition (Utkarsh Amitabh) · How to Quit Your Job with No Regrets (Christine vs. Work) ]]>
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