5 Tips for Starting a New Job (from NPR’s Life Kit)
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Being new on the job can be intimidating. What are the unspoken rules of your new workplace? How do you recover from a big mistake? When's a good time to ask for a promotion? This episode is a special collaboration with our friends at NPR’s podcast, Life Kit. If you don’t know it yet, it’s a great show that gives you all the tools to help you get it together. They cover topics related to work and life – like managing stress, saving money, and even how to get a tattoo. New Here host Elainy Mata speaks with Life Kit guest host Stacey Vanek Smith about the essential tips that can help you whether you’re new to the workforce or starting a new job. They discuss everything from handling a difficult boss to staying motivated at work. If you’re already a fan of New Here, this is a great refresher with some big takeaways from our first season. And if you’re a new listener, welcome! You can binge Season 1 of New Here now. Dig into topics like setting healthy boundaries at work, building your network from scratch, bouncing back after a layoff, and more. Listen to Life Kit at https://www.npr.org/lifekit or wherever you get your podcasts. Have a career question? Let us know at [email protected]. Key topics include: careers, communication, career transitions, managing yourself, compensation and benefits, difficult conversations, managing up, negotiation skills, negotiation strategies, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, listening skills, credibility, mental health More Resources: · 5 tips for starting a new job (NPR Life Kit) · Why Don’t I Feel Motivated at Work Anymore? (New Here) · How Do I Make the Case for My First Raise? (New Here) · What Do I Need to Know About Workplace Etiquette? (New Here) · How Do I Recover from a Big Mistake at Work? (New Here) · How Do I Handle a Bad Boss? (New Here) ]]>
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