Nadella, Biden & Xi and Swagel 11/15/23
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He was just on stage at Microsoft’s Ignite event, he's going to get on a plane to meet with President Xi, but first, he joins us live on this show. Microsoft's Satya Nadella on the company's big chip announcement, AI, China, and much more. And speaking of China – we're moments away from the first live pictures of President Xi and President Biden. Both countries competing for the global future, and one of our guests says if you take a clue from recent Xi speeches, a showdown of historic dimensions could be ahead. Plus – he tells Congress how much its laws will cost the country, and with two days until the government runs out of money once again, we'll speak live with CBO Director Phillip Swagel about what's at stake and what needs to change to get America's fiscal health in order.
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