Digging into Spending Data, Hybrids are Hot, and When Will Housing Normalize? 11/27/23
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This Cyber Monday the CEO of ‘buy now, pay later’-company Klarna weighs in on the record demand for those loans as holiday shopping ramps up. And with that demand boosting Shopify’s shares by nearly 10%, we look at the other payment names that could see a positive halo effect. Plus, October’s new home sales data flashing warning signs for sellers ahead of the slow housing season.
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New York Community Bank management described internal controls at the bank as ineffective. We’ll look at what went wrong and speak to the former chief risk officer at Discover. Plus, Elon Musk is suing OpenAI and Sam Altman, but our market guest says she’s ready to buy more Tesla shares on any...
Published 03/01/24
Published 03/01/24
Today’s key inflation data is still ahead of the Fed’s 2% target, but that’s not stopping our market guest from finding ways to play offense. Plus, from the housing shortage, to onshoring, and America’s aging demographic, our guest has one REIT trade investors can take advantage of. And we’ve got...
Published 02/29/24