AI Boom Buys, Read on Real Estate, Earnings Exchange: WBD, LYV, SQ 2/22/24
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Nvidia proves AI can continue powering big gains and our market guest has some names he’s looking within the AI ecosystem. Plus, our housing guest has the setup for the spring selling season, and we’ll speak with the CEO whose company owns the Empire State Building. And we’re talking content, concerts, and cash in Earnings Exchange with Warner Bros. Discovery, Live Nation, and Block.
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Geopolitics, earnings, and economic data on deck next week could make or break the Fed’s hawkish tilt. We’ll look at what to watch and where to find value. Plus, Netflix shares plunging after saying it’ll stop reporting subscriber numbers. We’ll tell you whether investors should be worried. And...
Published 04/19/24
Published 04/19/24
Has the Fed’s base case shifted from “later cuts” to “no cuts this year?” Our market guest says it doesn’t matter. He sees stocks going higher regardless. He’ll tell us why, and the one scenario that could change it. Plus, credit card debt stands at a record high. At the same time, using buy now...
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