Examining Geopolitical Risks and the Market Impact 4/15/24
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Stocks sink after Israel vows to retaliate against Iran following its missile attack over the weekend. We discuss the ramifications across energy and defense and what it means for US foreign policy. Plus, Netflix kicks off big tech earnings later this week. Morgan Stanley’s Ben Swinburne joins with the key numbers to watch and why he sees $1000/share in the not-too-distant future.
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Nvidia is on a tear, but if you think you’ve missed the rally, there’s one key metric that suggests there’s more room to run. Plus, as yields rise, so do doubts about a rate cut, but our market guest says it doesn’t matter and will tell us where he’s seeing opportunities. And J.P. Morgan is out...
Published 05/29/24
Published 05/29/24
Our strategist says the Fed holding rates higher for longer makes him more bullish on near-term stock prices. He’ll tell us why and give us two names he likes outside of tech. Plus, is the uptick in stock splits a positive sign for the market? We’ll look at how these names typically perform after...
Published 05/28/24