Catalysts & Concerns, REITs & Risks, Rates & Housing 4/16/24
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The bond market is keeping stock gains in check as we prepare to hear from Fed Chair Powell this hour. We’ll bring you the headlines and reaction from BNY Mellon’s CEO. Plus, the winners and losers ahead of REIT earnings as office vacancy rates hit a 20-year high. And housing starts just posted the biggest drop in 4 years, but one name is better-insulated from high rates, according to our analyst.
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Was yesterday’s market sell-off a blip or the start of something bigger? We’ll look at how to position your portfolio. Plus, one of the biggest utilities in the country wants the highest electricity users to pay their fair share. We’re joined by the CEO of Duke Energy with what that would look...
Published 05/24/24
Published 05/24/24
The market sees the first cut in September, but our economist says you don’t have to wait that long – it’s going to be July. We’ll ask what makes him so confident. Plus, no signs of an AI slowdown. Nvidia crushing it once again, with data center growth up more than 400% from last year. And that’s...
Published 05/23/24