Intel plunging on weak guidance, but our market guest still believes in the company’s turnaround story. She’ll tell us why. Plus, we just got the last key data point on the economy ahead of next week’s Fed meeting. We’ll look at whether it’s enough to nudge the Fed toward an earlier cut. And it’s been a bad week for several high-profile names. Our trader is bailing on three of them and buying one she calls seriously cheap.
Published 01/26/24
Alaska Airlines CEO Ben Minicucci joins us for an earnings exclusive fresh off those results. His thoughts on the Boeing Max 9 turmoil and the DOJ’s stance on Alaska’s deal with Hawaiian. Plus, our market guest sees one group of stocks set to outperform despite some warning signs on the horizon. And we’ll break down three names getting ready to report in Earnings Exchange.
Published 01/25/24
The so-called Magnificent 7 trade has created a lot of dislocation in the market, and our guest says that’s a good thing because it’s created a lot of opportunity. Plus, less than 2 weeks after the SEC approved spot bitcoin ETFs, there are two asset managers dominating the flow race. We’ll speak to one of them about that. And a small bank barometer with the CEOs of two regional players.
Published 01/24/24
Stocks moving lower today, but our market guests both say the bulls have the upper hand. Plus, the U.S. expanding strikes in Yemen. We have the latest and a look at the retail group most exposed to Red Sea disruptions. And Netflix is on deck to report earnings. The company may have won the streaming wars, but what about the ad wars? Ad executive Mark Douglas will weigh in.
Published 01/23/24
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Published 01/22/24
The S&P 500 just hit a record high, but our market guest says the U.S. is still the place to be for stocks. Plus, a second bullish call for Apple in as many days. Evercore’s analyst will join us with the one event that could be a catalyst for the stock. And the CEO of Sotheby’s International Realty sees Americans who are still buying overseas, and will tell us where.
Published 01/19/24
Spruce Point Capital founder Ben Axler joins us to defend his new short of MSCI. Plus, our market guest has three contrarian trades he says are poised to outperform. And 2024 is already being described by some as the year of the so-called “deepfake election”. We’ll look at what platforms and regulators are doing to defend our democracy.
Published 01/18/24
The latest retail sales data coming in stronger than expected and investors are not too happy about it. We’ll debate whether rates could remain higher for longer. Plus, Chinese cars are flooding the West, but are they a real threat to American automakers? We’ll get one view from Hong Kong. And EY is launching its first-ever deal barometer and the sector where they expect to see the most M&A activity in 2024 will surprise you.
Published 01/17/24
Bank of America’s survey shows overwhelming optimism for a soft landing, but Fed Gov. Waller says not so fast… We’ll look at how to position in this environment. Plus, bank earnings have felt like a gut punch according to our trader, but he’s still buying three and staying away from one. And the CEO of Taylor Morrison joins us with the pulse of the housing market.
Published 01/16/24
Encouraging signs on the inflation front. The market now sees an 80% probability of a rate cut in March. But our market guest doesn’t see that happening. He’ll tell us the other places he’s seeing opportunity. Plus, geopolitical tensions are rising. Houthi forces now vowing to retaliate to last night's US-led coalition strikes in Yemen. So what happens next? We’ll ask former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, Admiral James Stavridis. And we're heading to the intersection of AI and real estate....
Published 01/12/24
CPI coming in hotter than expected, pushing stocks lower as a result. Could the first Fed rate cut come later than the market expected? Plus, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong calls the bitcoin ETF approval a great victory, but our guest predicts the company is in for a big reality check. And a rapid rundown with the RapidRatings CEO: the names on his radar that could be headed for financial trouble.
Published 01/11/24
Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun joins us exclusively for his first interview since a part blew off of a 737 Max 9 aircraft during an Alaska Airlines flight. Plus, our guests say the Fed’s rate cuts could come fast and furious if history is any indication. And stocks tend to outperform during an election year, but could the Fed and inflation play a unique role in this year’s campaign trail? Our guest looks at the factors in play.
Published 01/10/24
Stocks struggling to extend yesterday’s gains but our strategist has one unloved part of the market he says to buy. Plus, The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is underway, and we’ll hear from the CEOs of Siemens and L’Oreal about their latest endeavors. And Elliott Management is making a billion-dollar bet on one dating company. We’ve got the details and what it reveals about activist investing in 2024. Investment Committee Disclosures
Published 01/09/24
Citi’s best and worst performing sectors before and after a Presidential election. BMO says Fed cuts won’t be a tide that lifts all boats, especially in the retail sector. Their analyst reveals the particularly rate-sensitive names to buy now. And the CEO of the largest railcar-maker in the US weighs in on the state of freight and the impact of southern border closures.
Published 01/08/24
Wall Street still sees a 70% chance of a Fed rate cut in March, but KPMG’s Diane Swonk says no way and tells us why. Plus, stocks aren’t off to a great start this year, but our market guest is excited and sees plenty of opportunities ahead. And Danielle Shay joins us with three big tech names positioned for gains into earnings, and one surprising bail for investors.
Published 01/05/24
Is stronger-than-expected economic data throwing the Fed’s rate cut timeline into question? We’ll debate whether it’s bad news for all stocks or just the high-flyers. Plus, the promise of AI could help revitalize downtown San Francisco, and we’ll speak to one developer making a billion-dollar bet on the Golden City. And the Stanley cup craze sweeping the nation has hit Wall Street, leading one analyst to downgrade Yeti. He’ll join us to make his case.
Published 01/04/24
Stocks falling again after the Nasdaq’s worst start to a year since 2016. Is weak economic data the culprit? We’ll look at what’s dragging the market lower. Plus, another cargo ship attacked in the Red Sea is leading investors to worry about retaliatory attacks and the fallout for energy prices and the global supply chain. And Microsoft is nearing Apple’s market cap for the first time in a couple of decades. Is tech in trouble or is leadership just shifting? Nancy Tengler and Mark Mahaney...
Published 01/03/24
Kelly explains the ins & outs of the fixed income market.
Published 01/02/24
Our strategist says “higher for longer” is still very much in play and rates could spoil the party in 2024. Plus, rising tensions in the Red Sea are pushing oil prices higher. We’ll ask Atlantic Council CEO Fred Kempe whether we’re on the brink of a multi-front war in the Middle East. And Barclays becomes the fourth firm with a bearish rating on Apple. We’ll tell you why, as the stock drags the whole tech sector lower today.
Published 01/02/24
Stick with tech in 2024, says our market guest, but not just any tech… She likes one name she’s been bullish on all year and is about to post its best year in two decades. Plus, 2024 could be the year the metaverse finally takes off! Apple is getting in the game and could change it for consumers. And a special EV edition of 3 Buys & A Bail to close out the year. We’ve got some under-the-radar names for investors to consider into the new year.
Published 12/29/23
With stocks at or near record highs, our market guest says the gains can continue and is highlighting the parts of the market that he sees as undervalued. Plus, a blowout finish for biotech stocks to end the year – we’ll speak to one CEO whose company is coming off its best day ever thanks to the success of a heart disease drug. And our latest check on commercial real estate takes us down to Miami.
Published 12/28/23
Don’t count out a January rate cut, according to one of our guests. He’ll tell us what has to happen for the Fed to pull the trigger, and what it means for the market rally if things don’t pan out that way. Plus, a trillion dollars in commercial real estate loans are set to mature by the end of next year. We’ll speak with one private credit player who says the motto for landlords is “Survive until 2025.” And Tesla’s seeing some real competition from Chinese EV maker BYD, and while shares are...
Published 12/27/23
We’ve got the results of the final 2-year note auction of the year and the one key data point our market guest says will finally trigger the Fed pivot. Plus, a pair of big biotech buyouts today, including one pharma giant striking its second multibillion-dollar deal in less than a week. We’ll look at whether more M&A is on the way. And with tech stocks on track to post their best year since the turn of the century, can they avoid a sharp correction after their massive run? We’ll debate.
Published 12/26/23
ARK Invest’s Cathie Wood reveals the stock she’s adding back to her portfolio, along with a few other names she’s betting on for the long-term. Economist Tom Porcelli tells us why Fed rate cuts are coming sooner than later…and why two percent is too late. Plus, Insulet shares have climbed 35% since an upgrade at Jeffries. We’ve got the med tech name that analyst says is poised to run in 2024.
Published 12/22/23
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Published 12/21/23