In this episode we round up Series One with a little story about that time Laura ran across a beach like Miss Trunchball trying not to poo herself, why you should never go on fairground rides whilst on your period and wonder .... how far up her hoof did that bike pole go!?!?!   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
Published 08/31/20
In this weeks episode we discuss the misfortune of losing your virginity to a bike, how many of us truly know our Vulvas and getting inventive with ham and a toilet roll...   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
Published 08/23/20
In this weeks episode we discover that it is in fact possible for an erect man to be turned into a Witchetty Grub with a little help from cling film, how we're all a bunch of proud wankers and leave you all questioning .... how good of a recreation of...
Published 08/17/20
In this week's episode we give thanks to to the male listeners who appreciate our open mouthed filth, question what is considered too many spunky tissues in a pillow protector and wonder how many scarves could be made from a ball of yarn shoved up your...
Published 08/11/20
In this weeks episode we discuss the reality of preparing a bumhole for a good old fashioned fisting, playing down a latex vagina delivered via royal mail and why you shouldn't listen to this podcast whilst trying to pay for your McDonalds drive thru..
Published 08/04/20
In this week’s episode we discuss the lack of personality of Steve’s penis, create a new CBeebies' series featuring a couple of familiar hooded figures and pose the question, how many times, exactly, can we say we say the word 'c**t?'
Published 07/26/20
In this episode we explore the libido destroying effects of having children, discuss the unexpected joy of a badly timed pan fart and pose the question “who is the real turkey todger king?”  
Published 07/20/20
In this episode we explore penis picking on the tube followed by some of the most impressive root vegetables that people have managed to fit up their anuses along with some of the fantastic reasonings as how they got there. 
Published 07/13/20
In this episode we explore the fine art of vaginal queefing, discover Laura’s secret snack fetish and pose the question “how would Ray Mears navigate a snapped banjo string?”
Published 07/06/20
Published 06/26/20
In this episode we explore the reality of our children being total cunts and pose the question "do women's vaginas really smell like Mum's apple pie"?
Published 06/26/20