Billy and Adam make a grocery list and head to the supermarket. In this episode, they discuss the different types of markets, the different types of shopping experiences, the staples they always buy and the treats they like to gift themselves. Plus, the beginning stages of Beg-A-Thon, the allure of all you can eat buffets and music by SWV! Theme: Send Medicine - Way To The Sea
Published 11/15/19
In this late night episode, Billy and Adam get comfy and put on their pajamas. What is the ideal sleep outfit? Do they run hot or cold? And a brief introduction to feather technology. Plus, more begging, bugs in the butt and music by Fat Joe! Theme: Send Medicine - Way to the Sea Sponsor: Quip
Published 11/08/19
Billy and Adam get spooky and discuss Halloween. Are they "costume guys?" When is it appropriate to eat your baby's candy? And what it is the best way to throw toilet paper in your neighbor's tree? Plus, Padma Lakshmi RTs Adam, their upcoming telethon, "Begging For Attention" and music by Kool & The Gang!
Published 10/25/19
BIlly and Adam hit the court to preview the upcoming NBA Season. In this episode they examine decades of Knicks failures, identify the new favorites to win the NBA title and try to find a new franchise to root for. Plus they beg for press, invite emails from their listeners and feature music by Snakes! Theme: Send Medicine - Way to the Sea
Published 10/18/19
Billy and Adam get some sleep and talk about naps. Are they worth it? Should you take them? Can they be taught? Plus, Adam begs for listens, Billy insults a lullaby and music by Ghostface Killah!
Published 10/11/19
It's the 16th anniversary of 2003, so Billy and Adam look back at the songs that defined it. Weird idea? Yes! Listen to them fondly remember Nelly, 50 Cent, Ashanti, Justin Timberlake and other less famous pop stars. Plus, an examination of the notes app apology phenomenon, the rise of St. Louis slang and music by Tom Jones! Theme: Send Medicine - Way to the Sea
Published 10/04/19
Billy and Adam get cleaned up and discuss the world of haircuts. What makes a good one? What makes a bad one? And what is the difference between a barbershop and a salon? Plus, Billy talks about his childhood barber crush, Adam explains how he plays the field with hair cutters and music by Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner! Sponsored by Quip Theme: Send Medicine - Way to the Sea
Published 09/27/19
Billy and Adam try to figure out what makes a fad. Why do things spring into popularity one moment and disappear the next? And what kind of impact do they have long term? In this episode, Billy and Adam take a look back at Tamagochi, Pogs, Gangnam Style, Egg Salad and more to try and identify the reasons for their success. Plus, Billy's trip to Greece, public flubs and music by Leonard Cohen! Theme: Send Medicine - Way to the Sea
Published 09/20/19
Billy and Adam are joined by actress, friend and Serena Williams super-fan Chloé Wepper. In this episode they discuss Serena Williams' past twenty years as a tennis champion. What made her different than the other players? What challenges did she face? What records did she break? Also, Billy and Adam look back at Chloe's amazing contributions to iconic Snakes songs and music by Beyoncé! Theme: Send Medicine - Way to the Sea
Published 09/13/19
Billy and Adam hit the stage and sing to the rafters. In this episode, they break down their favorites musicals (Les Mis and Cabaret), the most popular musicals (Hamilton and Oklahoma) and the weirdest musicals (Cats.) Plus, they take a look back at the Harvard Sailing Team musical, the work it takes to be a musical theater actor and music from The Book of Mormon! Theme: Send Medicine - Way to the Sea
Published 09/06/19
Billy and Adam get colorful. In this episode they explore a variety of colors and try to discern what they mean to them. Why is red intense? Why is green calming? Why is gray sweatpants? Plus, a surprise from Jimmy Eat World, what the No Joke listeners have learned and music from Tracy Morgan! Theme: Send Medicine - Way to the Sea
Published 08/31/19
Billy and Adam get weird and talk about Al. A musical comedy icon, he is also Adam's hero. But why? In this episode, hear about Adam's recent concert going experience and how it reignited his love for Weird Al Yankovic. The voice, the hair, the orchestra, the accordion. The man is a living legend. Plus, surprising wigs, fainting in Brooklyn and music by TLC! Theme: Send Medicine - Way to the Sea
Published 08/23/19
Billy and Adam surf the web to find the internet's best free crap. In this episode they search the Los Angeles listings on Craigslist for anything that doesn't money. Listen as Billy and Adam peruse cardboard, plants, dirt, chairs and a single pack of hot chocolate. Plus, auctions, Lyft drivers and music by Weird Al Yankovic! Theme: Send Medicine - Way to the Sea
Published 08/16/19
Billy and Adam are joined by friend, and academic, Dave Deliema, to learn about his studies on the subject of failure. What compels someone to study failure? How does someone study failure? And what exactly constitutes a "failure?" In this episode, Billy, Adam and Dave discuss the often overlooked, and highly impactful, aspects of dealing with "failures" and how we can improve upon the practice. Plus, a recap of Adam's work as Billy's wedding officiant, the perfect time to buy a bunch of...
Published 08/09/19
Billy and Adam dig into the HeadGum snack cabinet to see what the HG employees and podcasters are eating. In this episode, they analyze the chips, gummies, meats and meals provided by HeadGum founder, and snack supervisor, Marty Michael. Then, they discuss what your snack choices say about you, the snacks you have to have in an office and try to figure out why there are meatballs in the HeadGum freezer. With music by Nappy Roots! Theme: Send Medicine - Way to the Sea
Published 08/02/19
Billy and Adam put on their swimmies and take a dip. In this episode they discuss dorky water shoes, disgusting lakes, difficult bathing suits, dangerous cliff jumping and more. Plus, a story about Adam's father the hero, Billy's trip to the Dead Sea and music by Loudon Wainwright! Theme: Send Medicine - Way to the Sea
Published 07/26/19
Billy and Adam are babies. In this episode, they listen to some of the most iconic songs for children. Hear their reviews on bangers such as Twinkle Twinkle, Wheels on the Bus, Farmer and the Dell, Let It Go and more. Plus, a chat on the Bagel Boss guy, Old Town Road and music by Five For Fighting! Theme: Send Medicine - Way to the Sea
Published 07/19/19
Billy and Adam return from their Summer hiatus to explain what's new. In short, Adam is a dad and Billy is a husband. In this episode they recount their past two months. Hear stories about tequila shots, olive groves, new dad smell and... Loaf Johnson. With music by Carly Rae Jepsen! Theme: Send Medicine - Way to the Sea
Published 07/15/19
Billy and Adam welcome NASA-JPL engineer Anne Marinan to the show to hopefully learn to a thing or two. In this episode, Anne teaches them about rockets, space stations, CubeSats, deep space and her work at the Jet Propulsion Lab! Also, they discuss commercial space travel, the path to becoming an astronaut and an upcoming No Joke hiatus. With music by Dave Matthews Band! Theme: Send Medicine - Way to the Sea
Published 05/24/19
Billy and Adam discuss the products that proudly market themselves as, "As Seen on TV." What makes them so weird? How come they aren't sold in stores? And are any of them... necessary? Also in the episode, Billy and Adam learn about wet hats, cop cameras and reinvent the Bible! With music by Chia Pets! Theme: Send Medicine - Way to the Sea
Published 05/17/19
Billy and Adam discuss one of the most popular movie franchises of all time, Star Wars. Have they seen all of the movies? No. Will that stop them from talking about it? Also no. In this episode, Billy gives an alternate backstory to Luke Skywalker, Adam gives a lesson on 70's film school and they both shine a light on Mel Brooks' Spaceballs. With music by MC Chris! Theme: Send Medicine - Way to the Sea Sponsor: Quip
Published 05/10/19
Billy and Adam field questions that were originally asked to Dear Abby in 1991. Very helpful tips... for very outdated questions. Learn what to do when a toddler orders a pizza, learn what not to do when a police officer is pulling someone over and for the love of god do not ask for honeymoon help from your wedding guests. With music by Dean Martin! Theme: Send Medicine - Way to the Sea
Published 05/03/19
Billy and Adam aren't big fans of karaoke... and yet they still made this episode. Listen to them sing songs by Gloria Estefan, The Righteous Brothers, Sinead O'Connor and more live in the HeadGum studio. It gets embarrassing. With music by Scissor Sisters! Theme: Send Medicine - Way to the Sea
Published 04/26/19
Billy and Adam sit down with former NFL tight end, and Hard Knocks superstar, Devon Cajuste. In this episode they discuss Devon's career as a football player and the steps he has taken to transition out of it. What would compel someone to leave a life as a professional athlete? Was it difficult? And what comes next? In this insightful chat, Devon teaches us about alternative methods of leadership, his time with the Green Bay Packers, the power of crystals, his new healing business and also...
Published 04/19/19
Billy and Adam take a trip to the African Safari to discuss the Disney classic, The Lion King. Which characters do they relate to the most? Which celebrities are they excited to see in the upcoming reboot? And is The Lion King the greatest Disney soundtrack ever? Plus, a history lesson in techno music, Adam goes viral and a breakdown of the naughtiest numbers. With music by Santigold! Theme: Send Medicine - Way to the Sea
Published 04/12/19