Billy and Adam sleep under the stars and talk about camping. How are group camping trips different than camping with one other person? Is there anything to be afraid of? Is there anything not to be afraid of? Plus, water shoes, garlic, baseball highlights, air mattresses, defunding the No Joke police and music from Hair! Theme: Send Medicine - Way To The Sea
Published 06/29/20
Billy and Adam talk tarps. You roll them on to a baseball field. You put them on top of logs. And for some reason, IKEA bags are made out of them. You know them. You love them. Tarps. Plus, a discussion on the NBA's attempt to re-open in Florida, voice memos from mimes, how to make 50 million dollars in Reno and music from Mya! Theme: Send Medicine - Way To The Sea
Published 06/19/20
Billy and Adam reflect on the events that rocked America over the past three weeks. The Coronavirus, the murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, the protests that followed and the reopening of our economy. How did they react to the news? Did they protest? Did they feel conflicted with the virus? Do they support the reopening of our city's businesses? And... now what? With music from Run The Jewels. Theme: Send Medicine - Way To The Sea
Published 06/15/20
Billy and Adam pick up the phone and listen to a bunch of listener's voice memos. Hear Billy and Adam hear from sports broadcasters, civil engineers, accountants, Android users, big sisters, little brothers, mother-in-laws and more. Plus, Game On, Adam's microphone and music by Johnny Cash!
Published 05/29/20
Billy and Adam reflect on the ESPN documentary, The Last Dance. What were their memorable moments? What stories surprised them the most? And did it change their perception of the 90's Bulls and Michael Jordan? Plus, a look back at their favorite cameos, MJ's supposed bullying, the scandals, the cigars, how social media changed the game and more. With music from KRS-One! Theme: Send Medicine - Way To The Sea
Published 05/22/20
Billy and Adam open up their bathroom cabinets to discuss skin care. What skin care secret has Billy been hiding? Why did Adam enjoy burning his face as a teenager? And how is bourbon like face cream? Plus, a discussion on The Last Dance, the Hall of Fame, bad pads, medical wings, artist renderings, Tony The Tiger and another No Joke remix from Caleb Farley! Theme: Send Medicine - Way To The Sea
Published 05/14/20
Billy and Adam kick their feet up and talk couches. Do they prefer them stiff or soft? Are they fans of chaise lounges? And why is mid century modern so popular in Los Angeles? Plus, fish under hats, high shelf helpers, nodegas, crooners, coffee catastrophes and music by Capleton! Theme: Send Medicine - Way To The Sea
Published 05/08/20
Billy and Adam meet the neighbors. In this episode they discuss the central difference between suburban neighbors and apartment neighbors. Why are we giving each other so many muffins? Is it okay to yell across the street? And why do the couple upstairs make so much noise? Plus, a rap battle result, Animal Crossing IOUs, murals, game shows and music from The Roots! Theme: Send Medicine - Way To The Sea
Published 05/01/20
Billy and Adam remember what it was like to sit around a table with friends. In this episode they discuss dinner parties and all that comes with them. The food, the wine and the dishes. Plus, a rap battle for the ages, everymen, handymen and music from Deltron 3030! Theme: Send Medicine - Way To The Sea
Published 04/24/20
Published 04/24/20
Billy and Adam revisit the classic teen sitcom, Saved By The Bell. In this episode, they discuss Bayside, The Max, Zack, Jesse, Screech and Belding. What made it so entertaining? Why did they give Kelly the last name Kapowski? And remember Stacey Carosi? Plus, Lisa's family finances, AC the principal, time outs, weed dealers, robot rap battles and music by Babyface! Theme: Send Medicine - Way To The Sea
Published 04/21/20
Billy and Adam hit the slopes in the middle of April to discuss skiing. Why do people glide down mountains? Why do they glide cross country? And what exactly is belly boarding? Plus, NBA farts, five fast facts, voice mails, librarians, bread based recipes, please the size of whales and music by Hoodie Allen! Theme: Send Medicine - Way To The Sea Sponsor: Quip
Published 04/16/20
Billy and Adam get cozy and talk about blankets. What makes a quilt? Are you allowed to nap under the covers? And do we really need bed sheets? Plus, bee remixes, hats that fly, nets on windows, spoon men, pastors, manifests, sprinklers and music by Caleb Farley and Father John Misty! Theme: Send Medicine - Way To The Sea
Published 04/10/20
Billy and Adam take flight and discuss flying objects. What does the inside of a blimp look like? Why are people flying around like bats? And are hang gliders still a thing? Plus, new voice mails, new Hall of Fame members, a tiny flat screen, a cop, an accountant, a big band and music by Nickel Creek! Theme: Send Medicine - Way To The Sea
Published 04/03/20
Billy and Adam are still recording from their homes and this is a bonus episode about Adulthood. What do they wish they knew 10 years ago? What should young adults be looking out for today? And why is now a bad time to give advice? Plus, Adam has an exercise bike, other Emmas from other countries, someone gets banned from the No Joke Hall of Fame and music by Susanne Sundfør! Theme: Send Medicine - Way To The Sea Note: Billy's audio is so-so. Sorry!
Published 03/31/20
Billy and Adam record an episode from their homes on the topic that is on everyone's minds... bread. It was highly ranked on No Joke Public List dot com - and they tried their best to break it down. Also in the episode, pump fakes from listeners, voice memos from goldsmiths, sweet onion chicken teriyakis from Subway and music from The Beastie Boys! Theme: Send Medicine - Way To The Sea
Published 03/26/20
In light of the potential self-quarantine, Billy and Adam discuss their favorite indoor activities. Video games, home golf, meditation... how do they plan to pass the time while cooped up at home? Plus, more voice mails, hall of fame inductions and music by Gwar! Theme: Send Medicine - Way To The Sea
Published 03/20/20
Billy and Adam jump into the world of condiments. What is the difference between a dip and a spread? How come we don't put ketchup on sandwiches? And is vinegar having a comeback? Plus, the No Joke Hall of Fame might be a prison, a reveal on whether bees have muscles and a "Hey I'm Walking Here" remix by Caleb Farley! Theme: Send Medicine - Way To The Sea
Published 03/13/20
Billy and Adam talk socks. Do they pull them all the way up? Do they like to show their ankles? Or, do they... uh oh... push their tube socks down? Also, Billy and Adam explain why the ankles are actually the gateway to the soul. Plus, more whale sized bee debates, a new No Joke expert, international voice memos, a gross photo request and music by Celia Cruz! Theme: Send Medicine - Way To The Sea
Published 03/06/20
Billy and Adam imagine a world in which bees are the size of whales. How might it effect the food chain? Would they always be knocking down buildings? Are we living in a big bee simulation? Plus, Sarah "The Glock" McLachlan, backpack chat, hall of fame speeches, Joey’s head and music by The Eagles! Theme: Send Medicine - Way To The Sea
Published 02/28/20
Billy and Adam were gifted a new website where you can suggest topics for them to discuss. In this episode, they head over to No Joke Public List (.com) to see what the Nation wants to hear about. Plus, Adam's bloody fingers, Sheryl Crow vs. Rod Stewart, begging for a second website, improving the bike hat, upvotes, garlic, magic words and music by Vampire Weekend! Theme: Send Medicine - Way To The Sea Visit: www.NoJokePublicList.com
Published 02/21/20
Billy and Adam revisit one of their favorite 90's albums, Jock Jams. In this episode, they try to figure out what is playing in modern arenas, they try to avoid doing 120 pushups and they try to play all of their voice memos. Plus, a lesson in giraffe sounds, Adam toots his own horn and music by VeggieTales! Theme: Send Medicine - Way To The Sea
Published 02/14/20
Billy and Adam open up their phones and try to talk about crying emojis. There are various types of crying emojis... and Billy and Adam want to know why. Naturally, they get sidetracked with chats on the Nickelback catalogue, new photographs, recipes, rebranding, "tips of my toes" voice mails and so much more. Plus, music by Tribe Called Quest! Theme: Send Medicine - Way To The Sea
Published 02/07/20
Billy and Adam take a trip to the zoo but get distracted by voice memos, animal sounds and the No Joke Olympics. In this episode, hear about Adam throwing rings on rhinos, why Giraffes are bags of wind and scorpions behind doors. Plus, the pod gets a rebrand, a VM from Australia and music from N Sync! Theme: Send Medicine - Way To The Sea
Published 01/31/20
Billy and Adam reflect on the Thon. And what a Thon it was. In this episode, they talk about their 200th podcasts' successes, failures and unexpectedly touching moments. Also in the episode, they receive an international voice memo, a Pokemon bounty and five freaking wallets in the mail. Plus, the No Joke Olympics, "tips of my toes, tips of my nose," and music by Spacehog! Theme: Send Medicine - Way To The Sea
Published 01/24/20