Published 04/17/22
This one has been a long time coming. We dig into the details of hormones, periods and sex in the ole scamp.
Published 04/17/22
The things we ate before living nomadically, what we eat now and how we plan to procure our food in the future.
Published 03/17/22
We dig into how we met, life before the Scamp, learning to work as a team, periods and more.
Published 02/24/22
We talk about how we have collected new things now, on our land, how to minimize and useful minimal gear. We answer questions about minimalism and dig into how we minimized our life.
Published 02/17/22
We have both worked for ourselves for over a decade. Elsa and I tell the story of how our income streams have evolved.
Published 02/10/22
We discuss different building materials, designs, building techniques, desires and plans for our off-grid cabin.
Published 02/03/22
Developing an off grid property comes with many complexities. Solar power, septic, well pumps, internet, community, rocks, cacti and more.
Published 01/27/22
The details of how we bought our land and what it feels like to be more stationary.
Published 01/17/22
We dig into all the details of our next chapter and the considerations we made before choosing this route.
Published 04/12/21
Podcasts, Youtube channels, movies, shows, crafts and games we enjoy. We both dig into our favorite ways of occupying ourselves in the Scamp.
Published 02/02/21
We dig into all the easy and hard things involved with camping in the winter. We discuss our routine, bodily functions and projects we're working on.
Published 01/24/21
Lots of fun questions here, many that we haven't answered before. Advice on getting started in the nomad life, favorite seasons, bear scares, scamp upgrades, solar, dealing with cold weather, Kamp, future plans and more..
Published 11/12/20
We're back in Colorado. Scouting for land and what we're looking for, working with Retro Renos, winter plans and some new camera gear.
Published 09/30/20
Brian is a good friend and fellow nomadic traveller. We recorded this episode in his 4 season tent with the wood stove keeping us warm, as we caught about a foot of snow outside. The conversation is all over the place, I really had fun with this one.
Published 09/10/20
I answer more questions submitted by people. Topics include thoughts on digital nomad culture, tools, protection, building a brand, hobbies, books, YouTube channels and more.
Published 08/28/20
In this first part we get into mental health, camping gear, typical day in my life, finding spots, conversation, wildlife encounters, Alone, fears, technology and much more.
Published 08/28/20
This episode has been a long time coming. We do our best to make solar power understandable. If you want to get into solar power or understand how solar works, this is the episode for you!
Published 06/01/20
Simple solutions are the way for us, but finding the simple solve isn't always easy. In this episode we dive into how we simplified our lives, ideologies we use and how we approach new problems.
Published 05/06/20
We talk about all the different ways we entertain ourselves. Starting with activities in nature, walks, hiking, cold dips and the like. Then we dive into analogue entertainment and finish with digital outlets. We cover all of our favorite podcasts, Youtube channels, games and TV series.
Published 03/24/20
Our thoughts on technology, tech tools we use in the Scamp, managing power consumption, iPad productivity, iPhone photography and more.
Published 03/02/20
A conversation with our friend Lindsey (@practicalparadise). We talk about growing up in Alaska, traveling the Alcan between the US and Alaska, solo van life as a female, a festival she is organizing, and more.
Published 01/30/20
Surviving a blizzard in the backcountry. Solar update, thanksgiving and where to go next.
Published 12/03/19
Many people ask about the specific clothing we wear and prefer, in this episode we deep dive into all things wearable. Topics include fabrics, layering, brands, thrifting, repair and more.
Published 11/20/19
Some real life perspective into what it's like to live the way we do. It's not all sunshine and rainbows, but it is mostly sunshine and rainbows. Water, finding spots, legal gray areas and more.
Published 10/15/19