Fall Fair
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Our story this week is called “Fall Fair” and it’s a story about a day with loved ones out where the blue ribbons are handed out and the cider is being served. It’s also about a scarf wrapped twice around your shoulders, horses grazing in an open field, and the way simple good feelings show up when you’re paying attention. So get cozy and ready to sleep. Buy the book:http://hyperurl.co/NothingMuchHappens Get an autographed copy and other merch here: https://www.nothingmuchhappens.com/nmh-stuff  Get our ad-free and bonus episodes here: https://nothingmuchhappens.supportingcast.fm
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Our story tonight is called Light a Candle and it’s a story about reminding each other about the light that lasts through the long nights of winter. It’s also about a busy kitchen full of family, cinnamon and walnuts, and a memory of something shared that felt very special. So get cozy and ready...
Published 11/29/21
Our story tonight is called “At the Parade” and it’s a story about a tradition to start off Thanksgiving morning. It’s also about the sky at dawn, streaked with pink, noticing small things that make life sweet and a marching band coming down Main Street. So get cozy and ready to sleep. Buy the...
Published 11/22/21