Is COVID-19 Ruining Your Relationships? w/ Dr. D
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The COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult time for many. Whether you started out social distancing with your significant other, family members, friends, or your kids - the fact that we are in one space for long periods with one group of people or alone, can’t mingle from girls/guys night out to social events or just from person to person is affecting a lot of us on a mental level. COVID-19 has and is actually ruining relationships! Quarantining for long periods of time with people you thought you got along with is causing some to take a closer look at their relationships. On the other hand, not being able to keep up with certain relationships, due to social distancing and stressors is also causing people to cut ties with relationships. Seeking professional help is key during this time. On today's podcast we have Dr. D, a marriage and family therapist, here to save and enlighten us on how to salvage our platonic and non-platonic relationships during this time and how to build emotional intelligence. As an added bonus check out Dr. D's  'Resilient Living' app as a great self-help tool to transform your mind and relational skills.  Connect with Dr. D Instagram: @dr.dthemft Download the app: Connect with Johane: IG: @wonderfullynutritious FB: Wonderfully Nutritious by Johane Website: ( FREE Guide to 50 Foods That May Help Your GI Symptoms ( Connect with Kim: IG: @kimrosedietitian Website: ( FIND OUT 'What your diet says about your health':  CLICK HERE  ( Music by: Lakey Inspired (                                           *********DISCOUNT CODE********* If you’re like me, you look for products that are safe for your family with everything that you purchase. Well on my search for safe cleaning products, I found Branch Basics! When I started using Branch Basics, I was a little skeptical. I mean I have boys. Boys who pee all around the toilet bowl LOL. Something that doesn’t have harsh chemical would not work right?! Wrong! Branch Basics’ cleaning solution is Human Safe, Plant & Mineral Based,  Fragrance Free, No Harmful Preservatives, Biodegradable, Not Tested on Animals, Non-GMO and it gets the job done. You don’t have to comprise your health with harsh chemical-laden products!   Use our code below to get the Branch Basics starter kit    "NUTRITIONLIFESTYLES" for 10% off Starter Kits
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