The Covid -19 Vaccine, What A Physician Has To Say w/ Dr. Nicole Peoples
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The COVID vaccine is here! For some people that is a good thing, and they have already been vaccinated, while for others skepticism remain. Despite the thousands of deaths that have occurred in the U.S. alone from COVID infections, black and brown communities are still a little hesitant on the efficacy of the vaccine and trusting the healthcare system as a whole. Why? Well, people of color have endured centuries of violated trust (ex: lack of informed consent and harmful experimentation) which are still present today!  In today's podcast episode we ask Functional Medicine physician, Dr. Nicole Peoples, some really tough questions about the efficacy of the vaccine, the truth on trial/study process for the vaccine, how to stay informed and why she decided to take the vaccine after initially being a skeptic herself.  *Note: This episode is to keep you informed so that you can make your own decisions. It is in no way to pressure anyone one way or another.  Connect with Dr. PeoplesInstagram:@peoplesfunctionalmedicineWebsite: Connect with Johane:IG: @wonderfullynutritious FB: Wonderfully Nutritious by JohaneWebsite: FREE Guide to 50 Foods That May Help Your GI Symptomshttps://digestivetherapy.johanefilemon.comConnect with Kim:IG: @the.bloodsugar.nutritionistWebsite: www.kimrosedietitian.comFIND OUT 'What your diet says about your health': CLICK HERE  Music by: Lakey Inspired 
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