Decolonizing Nutrition and Health w/ Agatha Achindu
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If you are someone who like to think outside of the box and like for your healthcare provider to treat you individually, this is the episode for you!  In recent years, the term Functional Nutrition has become more mainstream and some of you may wonder how it differs from traditional nutrition therapy. Well, we’ve got you! Today we have functional and integrative nutrition expert, founder of Yummy Spoonfuls, wellness influencer and mama Agatha Achindu, here to break it all down for us.  In this episode, Agatha will discuss with us, why the colonized standard of measuring health should be thrown out the window ASAP, why she believes the foods you feed your kids can set their wellness and health up for life, and how we should unlearn some of the recommendations we’ve heard before even learning new concepts. Connect with Agatha Achindu IG: Email: [email protected] Website: Connect with Johane: IG: FB: Wonderfully Nutritious by Johane Website: FREE Guide to 50 Foods That May Help Your GI Symptoms Connect with Kim: IG:  Website: FIND OUT 'What your diet says about your health': CLICK HERE Music by: Lakey Inspired
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