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Hello beloved listeners! The Parables team needed this week to rest and heal. Back next week with Chapter 16 of our journey through Octavia E. Butler's Parable of the Talents. 
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All about Larkin. The final chapter. She’s living in New York. Reconnected with uncle Marc, and the church. She knows her mother’s identity, with mixed awareness. Some of her childhood dreams have come true. And yet. Meanwhile, Lauren is gathering her people, with seduction and a chance at a...
Published 07/26/21
Larkin meets her uncle Mark. Her smooth, beautiful, lying uncle Mark. Mark lies about Lauren, her path, her life, a lie of her death. Meanwhile, Lauren is on the move, reenergized. Finally, with a travel companion and collaborator in Earthseed. Earthseed rising. Toshi and adrienne break down...
Published 07/19/21
Larkin’s childhood, young adulthood. Her dream-mapping, her world-building bloom and are punished. Meanwhile, Lauren searches, to exhaustion. Allie tries to plant the seed that her daughter may never return. But Lauren’s search continues, with a new young ally. Toshi and adrienne break down...
Published 07/12/21