Those Babies Were Huge: Apollo 11 And UFOs On The Moon
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It's flying saucer time once again! Join Cian at the cabin for a chat about the Pepper Transcript, a forgotten bit of UFO lore. There's UFOs in space, Apollo astronauts, and a secret UFO base on the moon. Featuring: -James McDivitt's 1965 earth orbit UFO sighting -Apollo 11's anomalous sighting -The Pepper Transcript -Alleged sighting by Armstrong and Aldrin of giant UFOs 'parked' in a lunar crater NOTES Our patreon! Check it out. It's lovely. Outer Space Sound by Elan Hickler World Famous Strange But True, Colin WIlson Usborne World Of The Unknown UFOs The Apollo 11 UFO Incidents by James Oberg The Gemini 4 UFO by James Oberg
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