Beer52 Awards
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Join our intrepid hosts Doug and Rich as they recover from the 2020 Beer52 Awards to discuss judging beers, weird reviews, award winning beers and vibing in unremarkable-yet-wonderful pubs. Plus, will Rich be able to win Doug's beer pairing game? What kind of pub experience would they make if they had the budget? Tune in to find out!
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Join Doug and Rich as they discuss the latest batch of brewers from around the UK, some of Beer52's absolute favourites! Along the way they'll discuss the new normal, nitrogen and what your garden birds would be drinking if they could drink. Dibby-Dibby-Dib!
Published 03/05/21
Rich and Doug look at the latest and greatest beer trends, in search of your next favourite beer!
Published 02/18/21
In a special Halloween episode Doug GRRRy and Rich CROWSdale go on a spooky adventure to find the best creatures of myth and legend to start a craft brewery! Who will it be? Dracula? A team of ghosts? The Mari Lwyd? Gather round, turn off the lights and light a candle for our Halloween...
Published 10/30/20