A DeFi project steps precariously close to insider trading.
Published 12/21/23
Published 12/21/23
A crypto winter of growth and optimism: from those who developed the tech to those who led the fight for sensible regulation, the year has been full of influential figures transforming the crypto industry.
Published 12/07/23
Danny Nelson describes his recent scoop where he learned that Polygon quietly gave DraftKings preferential treatment while telling the public it was an "equal" member of the validator community.
Published 11/30/23
Jonathan Martin traveled across El Salvador, observing bitcoin adoption in the first country to make BTC legal currency.
Published 11/16/23
Well, the show's over: Sam Bankman-Fried was found guilty on all seven counts in the FTX fraud trial. Now, the crypto industry and its reporters move on to other topics – maybe even out of crypto winter, and into spring?
Published 11/09/23
When SBF decided to take the stand, reporters flocked to the courthouse to try and get a spot in the room itself to watch the former FTX CEO recount his version of events. Turns out Sam didn't remember much of what happened at FTX.
Published 11/02/23
In a break from the Sam Bankman-Fried trial coverage, “Carpe Consensus” hosts Ben Schiller and Danny Nelson chat about bitcoin ETFs and the state of crypto policy.
Published 10/26/23
CoinDesk reports from the courthouse on week three of Sam Bankman-Fried’s trial.
Published 10/19/23
The government’s star witness, the former CEO of Alameda Trading and once romantic partner of Sam Bankman-Fried, testified this week. CoinDesk reports from the courthouse.
Published 10/12/23
CoinDesk reports from the courthouse.
Published 10/05/23
Danny Nelson catches up with Johann Kerbrat, general manager of crypto at Robinhood about the company’s vision for crypto on its platform.
Published 09/21/23
The latest in a series of "rage quits" that showcase how DAOs deal with factions of investors who lose faith in their vision and demand their money back.
Published 09/14/23
While one network (Base) faced an outage, another (Ethereum) had a layer 2 leader grappling with the idea of an “Ethereum Supreme Court.”
Published 09/08/23
Ryan Louvar, WisdomTree’s chief legal officer and head of business and legal affairs for digital assets, breaks down the latest in crypto ETFs.
Published 09/01/23
Jonathan Martin has spent the last few months traveling across El Salvador, speaking with locals, developers, expats and merchants about the country’s adoption of bitcoin as legal tender.
Published 08/24/23
CoinDesk layoffs. Plus, DeFi fails to live up to its promises and a look at Coinbase’s recent flurry of announcements.
Published 08/17/23
PayPal’s announcement is a big deal for crypto. But what’s the business model behind this decision, and why launch a stablecoin now?
Published 08/10/23
Plus, details on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s lawsuit against Richard Heart, Hex and PulseChain.
Published 08/03/23
Will Foxley dives into the state of bitcoin mining, from Bitcoin’s fourth “halving” to the politicization of the mining industry.
Published 07/27/23
It’s been a busy news cycle. “Carpe Consensus” takes a look at the latest, from Ripple’s partial victory against the SEC to the arrest of Celsius Network’s Alex Mashinsky.
Published 07/20/23
Jeff Wilser joins to explain how artificial intelligence may kill traditional trading, but the advantage may not last long. Plus, news on Justin Bieber’s Bored Ape NFT and Arkham Intelligence.
Published 07/13/23
Featuring Mauricio Magaldi, global strategy director of crypto at 11:FS and host of “Blockchain Insider” podcast.
Published 07/07/23
Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie, CEO of BCB Group, discusses what U.K. and EU regulation might teach us about the future of global crypto policy.
Published 06/29/23
It’s time to prove that the crypto industry has a right and a reason to exist, says David Z. Morris.
Published 06/15/23