Addiction to Thinking
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Eckhart answers questions on several topics, including one about addiction. He says people are addicted to many substances. But the greatest addiction of all is thinking. It’s like a drug…and people can’t stop. They resist letting go because it shields them from the painful parts of their lives. Eckhart says the solution is presence. Becoming aware slows down an overactive mind. Our confusion dissipates…and thinking loses its ability to wreak havoc in our lives.
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Eckhart quotes ancient Greek philosopher, Pythagorus who said, “Know thyself.” Eckhart says unfortunately our educational system is geared toward only one kind of knowledge: the intellectual. He explains how there is another knowledge based on wisdom and intuition. It’s that kind of inner-knowing...
Published 01/13/22
Eckhart asks, “When life’s challenges strike, how do we respond?” He questions do we rise above worn-out patterns with new awareness or do we spiral into the old unconsciousness. He says we shouldn’t blame ourselves when we relapse. Suffering and setbacks are a necessary and vital part of awakening.
Published 01/06/22