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Life is full of hard-learned lessons. We all know that. But it’s been said that, “A smart man learns from his mistakes, a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” That’s why this podcast is so powerful – because we get to hear from incredible men doing incredible things who can teach us things that would be painful, delayed, and expensive to find out ourselves. And, I can think of few men as qualified to do so as former NASA Astronaut, Mike Massimino. Today, Mike and I talk about some of his best lessons learned in the NASA program and in space including, “no one leaves the pool until everyone passes the test,” learning to adjust to life and your goals along the way, what was different about NASA astronaut candidates that made them successful, knowing when to pivot and break a few rules, and how to achieve the seemingly impossible.   SHOW HIGHLIGHTS Mike Massimino’s books Moonshot and Spaceman What it takes to be an astronaut Space isn’t always glamorous Passion and dedication Military culture If you really understand something, you should be able to communicate it to anybody. No one leaves the pool until everyone passes the test Hubble space telescope missions Subscribe to the Order of Man YouTube Channel   Battle Planners are back in stock. Pick yours up today!   Get your signed copy of Ryan's new book, The Masculinity Manifesto   For more information on the Iron Council brotherhood.   Want maximum health, wealth, relationships, and abundance in your life? Sign up for our free course, 30 Days to Battle Ready
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