Hazing for Men, Why Systems are Crucial, and Building Financial Sovereignty | ASK ME ANYTHING
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In this week’s ASK ME ANYTHING, Ryan Michler and Steve Baumgartner take on your questions from the Iron Council and Order of Man Facebook Group. Hit Ryan up on Instagram at @ryanmichler and share what’s working in your life.    SHOW HIGHLIGHTS (0:00) Episode Intro (8:09) How important is hazing, and how do you know that it’s gone too far? (14:36) How do you make habits that contribute to having discipline and consistency. (24:17) When you’ve taken on a lot of responsibilities and start to feel like you are stretched too thin, how do you decide which things to keep and which to discard? (37:56) What are the critical questions you ask yourself when evaluating your leadership and building a successful team? (43:01) How do you keep up with your battle plan when things get busy at work and home? (52:42) Where do you draw the line between do it yourself and hire out? (59:05) What is your best advice when considering a career switch? (1:05:55) How do we get to a place where covert contracts and establishing hidden expectations of our significant other no longer exist?   Subscribe to the Order of Man YouTube Channel   Battle Planners are back in stock. Pick yours up today!   Get your signed copy of Ryan's new book, The Masculinity Manifesto   Want maximum health, wealth, relationships, and abundance in your life? Sign up for our free course, 30 Days to Battle Ready
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