Episode #144- Who Was the Mother of Empires? (Part III)
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Eleanor of Aquitaine has been called the "Queen of the Troubadours" by fawning biographers. She has been credited with transforming medieval European culture through her patronage of the arts. It's also been written that she presided over elaborate "Courts of Love" where she made rulings on matters of the heart. However, this image of Eleanor may just be another aspect of the so-called "Golden Myth". Some historians have argued that it was only after Eleanor became a widow that she really stepped into her role as the "Mother of Empires". Has Eleanor's formidable widowhood coloured our perceptions of her entire life. Tune-in and find out how romantic lawsuits, secret love nests, and Blink-182 all play a role in the story. Go to NordVPN.com/OFH or use code OFH to get 73% off your 2-year plan plus 4 bonus months for free. There’s a 30-Day Money back guarantee if NordVPN is not for you so there’s no risk.
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