Episode #141- Who's Afraid of the 30 Years War? (Ft. Zack Twamley)
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The 30 Years War has reputation among history buffs as one of the most complicated conflicts you can study. Even though the war is filled with fantastic stories, it can sometimes scare away history podcasters (like Sebastian). The complexity of the war makes it difficult to break down simply and clearly. Luckily, in this episode Sebastian is joined by the one podcaster who has managed to bring the war to life, host of When Diplomacy Fails, Zack Twamley. Zack has also just written his first piece of historical fiction set against the tumultuous backdrop of the 30 years war. Can Zack help Sebastian wrap his head around this war? Tune-in and find out how confusing maps, mysterious black masks, and big pile of poop all play a role in the story. Find Zack's new book Matchlock and the Embassy here: https://books2read.com/matchlockbook1
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