Sam West
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On kissing Julia Roberts, featuring as a pin up in the gay Doctor Who fanzine, and his life as a “shouty” activist. For this, the final episode in the season, actor and theatre director Sam West goes out to lunch with Jay Rayner.  Sam and Jay are served a delicious three-course meal in the William Kent Room at The Ritz, London:  For official show merch, head to:  Out To Lunch is a Somethin’ Else and Jay Rayner Production.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Published 05/17/22
On performing at Glastonbury with Snoop Dog, being the subject of racism at the Venice Biennale, and remembering music entrepreneur, DJ and SBTV founder, Jamal Edwards. Rapper and television presenter Tinie goes Out to Lunch with Jay Rayner.  Tinie and Jay share a delicious meal courtesy of...
Published 05/17/22