The Secret Weapon to Amplify Your Messaging and Impact with Tracy Goodwin
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What if I told you that there was a tool out there that could transform your business for the better. That there was one magical tool that would completely revolutionize the way that you do business. We're talking something that could 10 X your business overnight.
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A biz owner who had invested their own money, countless hours of work, and plans for the future into their business... lost it all OVERNIGHT due to a forced rebrand. Rebrands can happen for a couple of reasons and their impact on your biz can be devastating.
Published 05/05/21
With so many businesses shifting to social media exposure to grow their businesses, I've started to get this question a lot - "I've been using this hashtag for my biz and people seem to love it and associate it with my brand. So... can I trademark it?"
Published 04/28/21
Hiring a lawyer to take care of your trademark is a big decision! It’s an investment that shows you believe in your brand enough to protect it FULLY and that you’re ready to show up 100% for your biz. But what happens AFTER you make that decision and invest in a trademark package??
Published 04/21/21