Being a PhD, a father and an entrepreneur with Matthias Hombauer
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Get the Papa PhD Tool kit ! On this episode, I will be bringing you my interview with International Rockstar Photographer, dadpreneur and coach Matthias Hombauer, PhD. During our conversation, Matthias shares his experience in graduate school and shares how he dealt with the growing feeling that his future was not in research. Namely, we talk about how deep introspection and a strong focus on his mental health were instrumental in helping him find his career path.  Matthias has a Ph.D. in molecular biology but decided to follow his passions to become an music photographer (for Usher, The Prodigy, Iggy Pop,…). When his daughter was born, he wanted to spend as much time as possible with her and built the biggest concert photography community worldwide from his bedroom. Now, having two kids, a wonderful wife, and living his dream, Matthias wants to help people live a passionate life. What you’ll learn about in this episode: Why you shouldn't feel guilty if you "fall out of love" with research during your PhD The role of introspection and of listening to your gut in figuring out your career path Why your mental health must come first in your list of priorities during the PhD How to pivot professionally after important life changes and events How getting in touch with alumni or people who dropped out of your PhD program can help you in your own introspection Thank you, Matthias Hombauer ! If you enjoyed this conversation with Matthias, let him know by clicking the link below and leaving him a message on Twitter: Send Matthias a thank you message on Twitter! Click here to share your key take-away from this interview with David! This episode’s resources: Matthias Hombauer | Twitter Matthias Hombauer| Instagram Website | You might also like the following episodes: Amy Gentry – A Discussion About "Bad Habits" in Academia Gertrude Nonterah – Juggling side interests, graduate school and your personal life Katya Park – Staying True to Your Life Plans During the PhD Mrim Boutla – The 4 Pillars of PhD Career Readiness Have you checked out my course titled "PhDs and the Job Market - How to start preparing today", which is live now on the premium platform besides courses by  Karen Kelsky, Ali Abdaal, Cathy Mazak, Damien Walter, among others? As part of an expansion of what they offer researchers through their new Premium service, has bet on offering them a diverse library of courses created an given by people like me – content creators from a wide range of academic and academia-adjacent spaces. All you need to do to access it is to follow the link below, register on if you haven't yet, and then upgrade to the premium membership. And as a bonus, if you upgrade using my affiliate link, they will be sending part of your subscription to me! So you'll be contributing to the production and improvement of the show! How cool is that? Just click on the button below and start exploring! Access "PhDs and the Job Market - How to start preparing today" now ! And if you find value in Papa PhD and in the content I bring you every week, click on one of the buttons below and send some of that value back to me by becoming a supporter on Patreon or by buying me a coffee :) Support the show on Patreon ! Or buy me a coffee :)
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