Episode 4 - Buried evidence
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A remarkable set of coincidences on both sides of the Atlantic sees Boston arrested after 38 years but with crucial evidence buried, how watertight is this case? Stephen and Dan head to Sacramento to interview Detective Amy Crosby, who led the US cold case investigation of Chris and Peta’s murders. We hear the extraordinary timing of her investigation starting at almost the same time Chris’s sister, Penny Farmer, gets Greater Manchester Police to reopen the case. The evidence stacked against Boston looks compelling but when Stephen and Dan meet prosecutor Matt Segal they find him less than upbeat about how likely a conviction would have been in this case. Surprised by his gloomy assessment they speak to Boston’s public defender, Lexi Negin. It’s the first time anyone’s heard what Boston’s defence was going to be – and what Lexi reveals turns everything on its head.
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Was Boston a master criminal or was he just a lucky one? As Paradise concludes, Dan and Stephen examine the breaks Boston received that allowed him to escape justice for 38 years.
Published 05/17/19
Published 05/17/19
As the podcast nears its conclusion, fresh information kept hidden in UK Foreign Office files for 40 years delivers yet another twist to this case. Martin Bottomley of the Greater Manchester Police Cold Case Unit gives an unexpected reply to a question Dan hesitates to ask - and it becomes...
Published 05/04/19