An interview with Kevin Arceneaux, a researcher on the “need for chaos” research project, which found that a surprising number of people, around 40% of those polled, seem to have antisocial views about society in that they either agreed with or did not disagree with statements like “When I think about our political and social institutions, I cannot help thinking 'just let them all burn'?” We talk about what the study entailed, and what the factors could be that help explain this surprising...
Published 07/28/21
A talk with sports analyst and broadcaster Jon Michael Hoefling, who writes for Deadspin. We discuss a recent story about Steelers quarterback Roethlisberger and an apparent tell he has, where his foot position indicates whether he'll run or pass. We also discuss some other tells in football and sports in general, including the story about Andre Agassi having a read on Boris Becker, and some tells in baseball. 
Published 07/25/21
An interview with Carey Callahan, a therapist who writes about gender dysphoria and transgender issues, with a focus on medical and healthcare aspects. Topics include: why well meaning discussions about trans/gender topics can inspire so much anger; how polarization on this topic relates to polarization in other areas; controversy around how many obstacles there should be for someone who wants to transition; criticisms of gender identity theory; the idea that gender identity theory itself may...
Published 07/17/21
How might we connect better with each other? An interview with Ashley Pallathra and Edward Brodkin, co-authors of Missing Each Other: How to Cultivate Meaningful Connections. We talk about the obstacles we face in our attempts to form better connection with others.  
Published 07/14/21
An interview with professional gamer Nocturnal (OhNocturnal on Twitch), about reading opponent behavior in Apex Legends. We also talk about the financial aspects of being a pro video gamer. 
Published 06/26/21
An interview about the role of psychology and understanding behavior in tennis, with experienced tennis player and coach Carlos Goffi. Goffi has coached tennis for more than 30 years, has coached John McEnroe, and is the author of the well known tennis book Tournament Tough.  We talk about reading opponents' physical tells and their mood, about psychological strategizing, and about the impact of personal life factors on a player's ability to compete. We also talk about Andre Agassi's claim...
Published 06/04/21
Retired police captain James Mitchell talks about factors contributing to excessive police violence in the U.S.
Published 04/19/21
A talk with Scott Stossel, national editor of The Atlantic, about his struggles with debilitating anxiety and what he's learned in his life and research.
Published 04/14/21
An interview of Nathan Filer, author of books dealing with psychosis and schizophrenia, about environmental, experiential factors for "madness."
Published 03/27/21
An interview of an 8-year-old about her understanding of the people and world around her.
Published 02/25/21
Gina Assaf discusses her patient-led research on "long haul" covid (long term covid effects).
Published 02/23/21
Talk with Jamie Heywood, former CEO of PatientsLikeMe, about strengths and challenges in collecting medical/health data straight from the public.
Published 02/05/21
A guest, Scott, talks about clues and indicators in online dating profiles that let him know if someone might be a good match.
Published 01/26/21
An online dater, Celia, talks about how she analyzes online dating profiles to tell if someone is date-worthy.
Published 01/20/21
A talk with physicist Daniel Whiteson about potential psychological and/or emotional impacts of living without a belief in free will.
Published 01/09/21
An interview with Zach Elwood about his own aphantasia (the inability to form mental images).
Published 12/10/20
Psychologist Karina Korostelina discusses her book Political Insults, and the role insults play in political conflict.
Published 11/25/20
Foreign policy expert Thomas Carothers talks about psychological and social causes of extreme polarization and democracy breakdown.
Published 11/13/20
Researcher Levi Boxell talks about his work showing that older Americans have become more polarized than younger Americans have.
Published 11/11/20
A talk with Dr. Michael Macy, whose "opinion cascades" research shows how some stances on issues by political parties are arbitrary.
Published 11/06/20
Psychological factors that might make social media politically polarizing and animosity-amplifying.
Published 11/05/20
Dr. Jaime Settle discusses her research that shows how Facebook and other social media increase political polarization.
Published 10/22/20
Dr. Jennifer McCoy talks about extreme political polarization, how it comes about, its negative effects, and what be done to combat it.
Published 10/09/20
Dr. Omar Wasow discusses his research examining the impact of violent protests, activism, and riots on public opinion.
Published 09/17/20
A Portland antifa member explains the goals of and justifications for violent, unlawful protest.
Published 09/02/20