Pursuing Leadership Roles with Health Plans and Self-Insured Employers
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Dr. Laura Clapper is a seasoned C-suite executive with extensive experience applying digital health solutions, providing value-based care, and supporting provider-health plan joint ventures. As a thought leader, she has focused on integrating analytics and disruptive technology into traditional systems, such as integrating digital health and remote monitoring into the brick-and-mortar care model of medical groups and hospitals. In addition, she is recognized for her work with employers on employee health/benefit design, strategic planning, and the development of high-performing teams. Dr. Clapper is committed to making healthcare more affordable, understandable, and a better experience for both consumers and employers. She completed medical school at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences simultaneously with her Master’s in Public Policy from Claremont Graduate University. In this interview Dr. Clapper will: introduce you to opportunities in healthcare insurance and employer self-insured plans, describe the preparation to find such positions, and identify the high-demand nonclinical positions for physicians. You will find links to connect with Dr. Clapper and a transcript of the interview at nonclinicalphysicians.com/leadership-roles-with-health-plans/ =============== You can support this podcast by making a small monthly or annual donation. To learn more, go to nonclinicalphysicians.com/donate You can now join the most comprehensive Community for all clinicians looking for a nontraditional career at NewScr!pt. Get an updated edition of the FREE GUIDE to 10 Nonclinical Careers at nonclinicalphysicians.com/freeguide. Get a list of 70 nontraditional jobs at nonclinicalphysicians.com/70jobs. Check out a FREE WEBINAR called Best Options for an Interesting and Secure Nonclinical Job at nonclinicalphysicians.com/freewebinar1
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