How to Network Effectively on the Road to a New Career
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This is the second episode in my series on The 12 Month Roadmap to a New Career. You can find my discussion about Month One of the Roadmap in Episode 269. This episode addresses one of the activities started in Phase 2 (Months 2 through 4) of my Roadmap: Networking. Networking  can be used to: start and grow a business, club, social group, etc. gain acceptance to a school find an expert to help learn a skill identify guests for a podcast, radio show, or TV show, and, find your first nontraditional job. USUAL WAYS TO NETWORK Face-to-face at a meeting or conference, Online using Doximity and LinkedIn, and, Online as a member of a Professional Organization (e.g., American Association for Physician Leadership, the MSL Society, the American Medical Writers Association, etc.). Many of the guests on the PNC Podcast depended on networking to identify the decision-maker who interviewed and hired them for a nonclinical position. In this episode, John describes two of those guests and lays out how to build and nurture a network that will lead you to your first nonclinical position. You will find links mentioned in the episode at =============== You can support this podcast by making a small monthly or annual donation. To learn more, go to You can now join the most comprehensive Community for all clinicians looking for a nontraditional career at NewScr!pt. Get an updated edition of the FREE GUIDE to 10 Nonclinical Careers at Get a list of 70 nontraditional jobs at Check out a FREE WEBINAR called Best Options for an Interesting and Secure Nonclinical Job at
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