How the Medical Matchmaker Provides a Solution to Burnout
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Lara Hochman, MD is a Family Medicine physician and the Medical Matchmaker. She is an advocate for fellow physicians’ well-being in the face of rising burnout and dissatisfaction. Her own experiences led her to discover the ways physicians lose autonomy, and how to reclaim their focus on helping patients. She founded Happy Day Health, a boutique physician matchmaking agency to match doctors with well-run, physician-owned private practices where they can avoid burnout and enjoy practicing again. Lara received her medical degree from the University of Texas. She completed her Family Medicine residency at S. Anthony North Hospital in residency in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. You will find links mentioned in the episode at =============== You can support this podcast by making a small monthly or annual donation. To learn more, go to You can now join the most comprehensive Community for all clinicians looking for a nontraditional career at NewScr!pt. Get an updated edition of the FREE GUIDE to 10 Nonclinical Careers at Get a list of 70 nontraditional jobs at Check out a FREE WEBINAR called Best Options for an Interesting and Secure Nonclinical Job at
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