What you need to know about omega 3 and 6 fats | Philip Calder, PhD
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Episode #278. If you follow a plant-based diet, chances are you’ve wondered if you’re getting an adequate amount of omega-3. Join me as I sit down with Professor Philip Calder, an international authority in nutritional immunology with over 20 years of research on fatty acids. Professor Calder helps to cut through the confusion to give you the science-backed breakdown on how these fats impact your health, and how much you should really be consuming. Learn everything you need to know about these essential fats in your diet in this episode. Specifically, we discuss: Introduction (00:00) Philip Calder's Passion for Fatty Acids and His Background (02:00) Debunking Major Fatty Acid Myths in Academia & Social Media (05:53) Altering Cell Membrane Health Through Diet (11:14) Understanding Essential Fats: Why are They Vital? (13:57) Low Conversion Rates: From ALA to EPA & DHA Explained (18:08) The Importance of Monitoring Omega 6 Intake (23:31) The Link Between Omega 6 Fatty Acids and Inflammation (27:28) Does Dietary Linoleic Acid Impact Arachidonic Acid? (35:23) The Inflammatory Role of Arachidonic Acid (37:29) Linoleic Acid & Its Inflammatory Effects (40:41) Should Western Diet Adopters Reduce Omega 6 Intake? (43:56) Major Omega 6 Food Sources and Their Alternatives (45:58) Balancing Omega 3 & Omega 6: Impact on Inflammation (48:57) Plant-Based EPA & DHA: The Genetic Modification Approach (52:04) The Health Implications of Replacing Saturated Fat with Linoleic Acid (59:24) Cardiometabolic Risks of Polyunsaturated Fats (1:03:55) How Omega 3 & Omega 6 Influence Insulin Resistance (1:07:17) Polyunsaturated Fats' Effect on Blood Pressure (1:08:31) The Long-Term Impact of Consuming Polyunsaturated Fats (1:12:05) EPA & DHA Research Variance: Doses, Types, and Outcomes (1:15:40) Ideal Omega 3 Levels for General Health (1:21:51) Benefits of Plant-Based EPA & DHA Supplements (1:27:55) Concerns with Low ALA Levels (1:30:17) Absorption Efficiency of EPA & DHA Supplements (1:32:34) The Science Behind Omega 3 Testing (1:34:28) Algae Oil vs Fish Oil: Which is Superior? (1:36:36) DPA Supplementation and Its Benefits (1:38:33) Does DHA & EPA Supplementation Impact Cholesterol Levels? (1:40:34) Potential Side Effects of DHA & EPA Supplements (1:42:03) Conclusion (1:45:44) Learn more about Professor Philip Calder and his work at southampton.ac.uk/people/5wzh2r/professor-philip-calder. Optimise your health with InsideTracker’s biomarker analysis. Get exclusive access to InsideTracker’s new ApoB test, and a significant discount at insidetracker.com/simon. Enjoy, friends. Simon Want to support the show? The best way to support the show is to use the products and services offered by our sponsors. To check them out, and enjoy great savings, visit theproof.com/friends. You can also show your support by leaving a review on the Apple Podcast app and/or sharing your favourite episodes with your friends and family. Simon Hill, MSc, BSc (Hons) Creator of theproof.com and host of The Proof with Simon Hill Author of The Proof is in the Plants Watch the episodes on YouTube or listen on Apple/Spotify Connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Nourish your gut with my Plant-Based Ferments Guide Download my complimentary Two-Week Meal Plan and high protein Plant Performance recipe book
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