Published 05/11/22
In this episode, Dow’s Julie Zaniewski, North America Sustainability Director for Packaging and Specialty Plastics, is joined by Jay Fitzgerald from the US Department of Energy, and Kathleen Liang from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Together, they look at the challenges of innovating, encouraging investment, and working in partnership to scale solutions that will ensure that plastics can be part of a sustainable future.
Published 05/11/22
In this episode of Plastics Unwrapped, special guest and sustainable development expert, Kaj Embren, joins Dow’s Howard Chase and Erika Sánchez Garrido to discuss the need to reduce CO2 emissions in the plastics industry. Together, they unpack how plastic manufacturers can make a real impact through the production process, and the ways in which Dow is working toward producing circular plastics with the lowest CO2 footprint.
Published 09/13/21
In this episode, Dow’s Director of EU Affairs, Dennis Kredler, is joined by Plastic Europe’s Director of External Affairs, David Carroll, to discuss the EU’s Green Deal and what it means for the plastics industry. Dennis and David discuss the content and ambitions of the Green Deal, the opportunities and challenges it presents for the plastic industry and what actions organisations such as Dow are taking to ensure they meet the Green Deal’s goal of circularity and climate neutrality by 2050.
Published 07/02/21
Tune in to Episode 5 of Plastics Unwrapped to hear an open discussion on the opportunities and challenges we face with plastic waste in Africa and an exploration into how key collaborations are shifting the dial on collecting, sorting and recycling rates to build an effective circular economy. Adwoa Coleman, Africa Sustainability & Advocacy Manager from Dow’s Plastics business, joins Arese Lucia Onaghise, Executive Secretary at The Food and Beverage Recycling Alliance (FBRA) and Keiran...
Published 06/06/21
What is Advanced Recycling? How does it work? And what does this game-changing technology mean for our industry and consumers? Carsten Larsen, Iain Gulland and Sirt Mellema join us in this episode to discuss Advanced Recycling as a solution for reducing plastic waste.
Published 05/03/21
Discussing the big issues around recycling plastics. This episode explores key questions, such as why is recycling plastics so difficult? And what can the industry do to help?
Published 01/22/21
Dive deeper into the world of bioplastics. In this episode we discuss market growth for renewable feedstocks and how this fits with the industry’s plans to reduce carbon emissions.
Published 01/22/21
Dive into how we can balance the emotional response we feel when seeing waste, with a logical, scientific approach when it comes to choosing materials.
Published 01/22/21