Recent independent filter inspections for a client in the UK. As a group we talk about varying results and how to manage the pool plant system.
Published 01/06/23
A quick catch up with Alex Blackwell from Waterbabies and a recent energy study which has been carried out.The results of an short energy survey by dropping a swimming pool by one degree for five days against running at normal temperatures.
Published 11/16/22
The latest from us on a visit to Dryden Aqua and the new microbiological postal service that we are offering plus much more. A small guest appearance from Laura as well.
Published 10/20/22
A catch up with Ian Nicks one of the UK's leading swimming pool water experts (although now living in France). Has he retired or you can't keep a good man down.
Published 08/10/22
A quick review from our time at Elevate and how great it was to be back face to face with the public. Then a close look at the different types of chlorine and what they are actually costing to buy/produce and install. I have to point out that this is just costings and there are many different advantages and disadvantages as to why someone would choose a particular system over another.
Published 06/20/22
Join us with Steve Gallagher from Solenis the parent company of the HTH brand. Steve is going to put the record straight and update us with the current supply of HTH and the problems they have faced in the supply chain. Plus some good news on the horizon.
Published 05/21/22
Find out why there are problem in the UK with the supply of chlorine based disinfectants and what are some possible solutions to the problem on how to save chlorine.
Published 03/30/22
It's been a while but our guest today come from Shetland Recreational Trust Graham Farmer who wants to share his experience in removal of algae in the swimming pool where he works.
Published 11/23/21
A review of some of the changes in the new PWTAG Code of Practice plus some exciting new about PWTAG Council. Finally also a review of a recent algae investigation conducted by Ian and Robin as well as dye testing.
Published 08/19/21
An interview with Robin McGloughlin from Poolview on the latest developments on "Blended Lifeguarding" using Poolview Iris in today's modern swimming pool.
Published 07/22/21
Finally launched the new Domestic Swimming Pool and Spa Course and the big face off is on between Ian and Robin........
Published 06/14/21
THE RESULTS ARE IN. Looking at the transmission of Covid 19 through swimming pool water and the effects of free chlorine and pH on the virus. 
Published 05/14/21
Join on this episode by Jenny Norville from the Institute of Swimming and Jo Talbot from the RLSS/IQL. We look at the last 12 months and the challenges and opportunities that the pandemic has presented for both. We discuss the future and they see the rest of year panning out with the industry and the new apprenticeship program. 
Published 03/19/21
A review of the first ever PWTAG virtual conference and also the exciting news of a new product launch from Ian and Robin.
Published 03/05/21
A quick catch up with Robin and a review of the PPO Tutors CPD seminar and a hint to some of the projects that are coming up.
Published 02/24/21
Join us to listen to three great females that have not only built up a large swim school but also managed to build their own swimming pool.  Taking you through the ups and downs of planning, building and how Covid 19 has hit their businesses.
Published 01/20/21
Come and join us with Craig Steele from Barr and Wray one of the biggest UK swimming pool installers.
Published 01/13/21
Thanks to Ian for joining us again and a look into the latest technical notes from PWTAG and chewing the fat over free available chlorine and active chlorine.
Published 12/21/20
A great interview with Daniel from PoolwaterTS a pool water testing log system.
Published 12/10/20
Just a quick catch up and our disappoint at some pools not opening. The sessions are now also recorded on our Youtube Channel.
Published 12/04/20
Just a quick last minute podcast on restarting your swimming pool after a Covid 19 lockdown.
Published 11/27/20
A great insight from Andy Read from Place Leisure who is the Head of Safety. His thoughts on how Covid have impacted on the centres and lessons learned for the future.
Published 11/26/20
An overview of the 12 nasties that can be found in a pool and how to prevent and combat them for safe swimming pool water.
Published 11/16/20
An overview from Ian Ogilvie and Robin Mitchell on the basic step by step tasks to complete in the plant room.
Published 11/10/20