Ep 10: Miketz - A Cinderella Story
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Shoshana and special guest host Rachel argue over whether A Cinderella Story is a cinematic masterpiece, and how it has surprising parallels to Parashat Miketz. We also worship Jennifer Coolidge and, obviously, drag Tom Hanks into it.
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Shoshana and Valerie find a way to connect Mishpatim to The Trial of the Chicago 7, we promise! We also introduce our new fancy sound engineer and Shoshana gets mad about Duolingo again.
Published 01/26/22
Shoshana and Valerie discuss divine revelation and why cults are weird. Also discussed: reasons why Moshe Rabbeinu should be Queer Eyed, and what they would do if their friends were prophets.
Published 01/19/22
Published 01/19/22