Sara and Ken interview author and scholar, Jason Colavito
Published 03/19/18
Published 03/19/18
Today we talk Vaughn Hadenfelt of Friends of Friends of Ceder Mesa. With 30 years of experience as a guide and interpreter in Bears Ears National Monument, he comes on to talk to us about Rock Art. What is it? How do we date it? Can we read it like a book? He also gives us an update on the Status of Bears Ears.
Published 03/05/18
Today we discuss the recent CBC episode of The Nature of Things titled Ice Bridge. We're revisiting the Solutrean Hypothesis as it's put forward by the CBC show, and have Jennifer Raff with us to discuss Haplogroup X. 
Published 02/05/18
Today we talk about cultures south of the US border. We talk about what we expect to see, and do see, when early European cultures come in contact with Native American cultures. We also talk about immigration and how we can track that with archaeology.
Published 01/22/18
Welcome to the First episode of 2018! In this episode we talk about the effects of the recent EO on Bears Ears National Monument and other sites of significance. We debate the actual effects and reiterate the importance of these sites. We also talk about The podcast in 2017 and where we'd like to see it go in 2018.  Shout out to everyone who's helped us grow this past year and all of our listeners. Here's to another great year on the APN! 
Published 01/08/18
Ken and Sara talk to author Douglas Hunter about his book linked below. The story of Dighton Rock and its relationship with the indigenous past is a fascinating tale.
Published 12/25/17
Today we talk with Dr. Mark Allen Peterson about the magical Jinn. Dr. Peterson tells us more about the ancient concept of Jinn, how that affect modern Arabic uses of Jinn, and how the views on Jinn are affected by Movies and Western tampering.
Published 12/11/17
Today we talk with Dr Eric Cline from George Washington University. We talk about a variety of topics on Biblical Archaeology, the validity of real and fake sight seeing, and touch a bit on 3D printing. 
Published 11/27/17
This is a cross-over episode that was recorded at GenCon 50 earlier in 2017. Sara Head joined the hosts of Gaming with Scott to talk about the intersection between archaeology and gaming.
Published 11/13/17
It's our second Halloween special and crossover with the MonsterTalk Podcast! Today we're Joined by Blake Smith and Karen Stollznow to talk about haunted objects and where to find them. We talk about creepy dolls, haunted antiques, and cursed 3d printed objects. Enjoy the worlds of two great podcasts colliding!
Published 10/30/17
Today we talk with Ethnographer James Bielo about his work with the Ark Encounter, a life-size Noah's Ark and religious-themed experience in Kentucky. We talk about the validity of replicas, religious sightseeing, and 3D printing as a way to communicate with the public. 
Published 10/16/17
The Enigmatic Iximaya Hoax With Roxanne Davila and Marcello Canuto - Episode 83
Published 10/02/17
Today we're looking at the Fiji Mummy and the recent Peruvian Mummy Hoax. How do these two cases intersect, what can one teach us about the other, and How does PT. Barnum fit into all this.
Published 09/18/17
Today we're talking about Afrocentrism. What is it? Does it hurt or help ancient African cultures? And how does it affect archaeology in the new world?
Published 09/04/17
Today we talk with co-host Jeb Card about Mayan Hieroglyphics. We talk about the Victorian worlds discovery of them, their fascination with them, how that fascination has endured into the modern-day, and how the Mayan language, including Hieroglyphics, is still a living language today. 
Published 08/21/17
Today we talk with Fernanda Maneses about the mysterious Easter Island statues. We talk about the actual history of the Moai statues, the culture that created them, and the many different ways these iconic statures have been used by the fringe and popular culture alike.
Published 08/07/17
Today we talk with Dr. Donna Yates about the recent Hobby Lobby decision and the illegal antiquities trade. What was Hobby Lobby doing, how does this fit into looting and the antiquities trade, and what exactly is this new Museum of the Bible in DC thing?
Published 07/24/17
Today we're talking about Indiana JOnes a pseudoarchaeological elements that run through almost all off the movies. We talk about how Indy came to be, why the movies are so dang good, and where certain archaeological themes came from and why they last.
Published 07/10/17
Today we talk with Nathan French from the University of Miami, Ohio. Nathan talks with us about Islam and the destruction of archaeological sites and artifacts in Isis controlled areas. We also talk about artifacts funneled into the black market by Isis and fleeing refugees.
Published 06/26/17
On today's episode, Sara, Jeb, and Ken talk about some of the big antiquities laws that are impacting resources around the country. These laws are in the news lately and it's important to know where they came from, what they do, and why they need to stick around for a while.
Published 06/12/17
Today we talk about the mysterious Gungywamp located in Connecticut. We examine the similarities between it and other sites like Mystery Hill aka American Stonehenge. Why makes the Gungywamp so strange? Is it ley lines, spirits, mystical energies of the ancient celts?
Published 05/29/17
Today we talk with Jens Notroff from the Gobekli Tepe research project about the recent news stories about possible evidence for a comet strike at the ancient site. We look over the claims made in the paper 'DECODING GÖBEKLI TEPE WITH ARCHAEOASTRONOMY: WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?' and compare that with ongoing research from the actual Gobekli Tepe site. 
Published 05/15/17
Today we're talking with our resident Geologist; Sharon Hill about Ley Lines. What are they, where did they come from, and can they be weaponized?
Published 05/01/17
Serra, Ken, and Jeb explore the mystery of art depicting corn at Roslin Chapel. Corn had not yet been brought back from the New World when Roslin Chapel was made, so could a Medieval knight have somehow made it to North America before the Age of Explorers?
Published 04/17/17