Matthew Coller and ESPN's Myron Medcalf talk about how the Minnesota Vikings need to find the right offensive coordinator situation that works with Mike Zimmer. Plus Dan Campbell had an insane press conference as new Detroit Lions coach. Is that going to end up being a disaster? We talk about the QB histories of the championship teams and what it would mean for the Chiefs, Bills, Packers and Bucs to reach the Super Bowl.
Published 01/22/21
Matthew Coller and PFF Senior College Football analyst Anthony Treash talk about Alabama quarterback Mac Jones and whether he has the raw skills to be considered a first-round quarterback and how to evaluate Alabama players when there are so many great prospects playing alongside each other. Plus Matthew and Anthony do a draft simulation and look at 4 possible players who could be on the board when the Vikings pick.
Published 01/21/21
Matthew Coller and Courtney Cronin -- or as she's known during draft time Courtney R Draft Scout -- dive first into the receiver position, breaking down why the Vikings need to do a better job addressing the No. 3 spot than they have the last few years and what their options might be. Plus they do a draft simulation and look at the Vikings' potential options at 14th overall. Should they go O-line or defensive line in the first round? Is there a third-round QB available who's interesting?
Published 01/20/21
Matthew Coller and former Viking Jeremiah Sirles dive into potential fixes for the Vikings' O-line.. Should they keep Riley Reiff on a contract extension? Move Ezra Cleveland to left tackle? Sign an expensive left guard or look for one in the draft? What is Garrett Bradbury's outlook? Plus what makes the Bills and Chiefs' offenses so fun? And what can the Vikings take from the Packers? And Jeremiah's experience playing against Tom Brady.
Published 01/19/21
Long-time Star Tribune columnist Patrick Reusse has covered the Vikings for four decades. Who are his favorite Vikings ever to cover? Patrick talks about why Wade Wilson was such a great story, what made John Randle such a terror, why Jerry Burns was underrated as a coach and a unique personality and why Mike Tice's honesty was the best.
Published 01/19/21
Matthew Coller and Paul Hodowanic dive deep into the weekend of playoff games, reacting to what is possibly the final game Drew Brees ever plays to the Brady/ Rodgers matchup and what this year means for Aaron Rodgers... is it his last dance? Plus a look at some aggressive decisions by Andy Reid and not-so aggressive by Kevin Stefanski. Yes, sorry in advance, we discuss another big game for Stefon Diggs and what Matthew wrote about him for PurpleInsider.substack.com
Published 01/18/21
Matthew Coller gets together with PFF's Eric Eager to talk about what the Vikings' offseason would look like if they went all-in on winning the Super Bowl and had no other goal. Would they lean into Kirk Cousins? How would they cover weaknesses on defense? How are the "hot seats" hindering these things. Plus Danny Cunningham stops by for a fun discussion on the Cleveland Browns finally winning a playoff game.
Published 01/15/21
Matthew Coller is joined by Vikings.com broadcaster Gabe Henderson, who moved to Minnesota this year after working for Washington. He has a very unique background as a broadcaster because he played D-I football at Liberty College before entering the media realm. We talk about building relationships with players, his playing experience and what he learned about being Minnesotan. Plus we talk about the biggest offseason storylines for the Vikings.
Published 01/15/21
On the anniversary of the Minneapolis Miracle, we bring you a look at the lead up to the play from every angle with PFF's Eric Eager. This episode originally ran when Matthew Coller launched PurpleInsider.substack.com. Plus an interview in which Matthew Coller is the guest on Denver radio talking about the exit of George Paton.
Published 01/14/21
Matthew Coller is joined by Pro Football Focus analyst Seth Galina to discuss what makes a modern offense as Part 3 of the series that has looked at how teams are getting the most out of their players. How do the Vikings differ from teams that spread the field? What are the limitations of the Kubiak style system? What would a more athletic QB look like in the same system?
Published 01/13/21
Matthew Coller and former Minnesota Viking Jeremiah Sirles break down the NCAA National Championship game with a Vikings lens and talk about whether trading Danielle Hunter is the right move. Would he be worth enough on the market to move him? Or should they just re-work his contract? Plus we talk about the NFL playoffs and which games we can't wait to see this weekend.
Published 01/12/21
Matthew Coller and Sports Illustrated's Will Ragatz talk about the Philadelphia Eagles firing their head coach just three years after they won the Super Bowl (and beat the Vikings along the way). Does that mean Zimmer should be on the hot seat for 2021 or should the Vikings go the opposite way and lock into him long term? Plus Will ranks the Vikings' defensive needs and talks about whether there's a path to having a good offensive line next year.
Published 01/12/21
Matthew Coller and Paul Hodowanic discuss Everson Griffen tweeting something shocking about Kirk Cousins and Mike Zimmer and whether there is some truth behind his tweets and what it says about how some players felt/feel about Cousins. Plus we overreact to playoff things and talk about whether any teams have the blueprint for the future.
Published 01/11/21
Matthew Coller is joined by AJ Smith, wide receivers coach and co-offensive coordinator of the Houston Roughnecks to talk about what makes a modern NFL offense and what the Vikings can learn from this season. Smith, who worked under Run 'n Shoot legend June Jones, tells the stories of how a gameplan is put together, how analytics dictate gameplanning, how the passing game can set up the run and then Matthew and AJ share Run n' Shoot favorites.
Published 01/08/21
Matthew Coller and ESPN's Courtney Cronin talk about all the things that Mike Zimmer may have meant when talking about miscalculating the offseason, namely relying on players that hadn't been proven in the past. We talk about his refreshing honesty in the postseason press conference but break down some of the explanations that don't exactly match up. Plus we talk about the fans being split between rosey views and very harsh negative views on the team's future.
Published 01/07/21
Matthew Coller is joined by Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus to talk about the Vikings' defense, the bets that they made this year that went belly up, the pairing of Mike Zimmer and Kirk Cousins, what limits Cousins and what could make him better and the old school Vikings that could help the Vikings if they were around these days.
Published 01/06/21
Former Minnesota Viking Jeremiah Sirles goes in depth on what makes a great offensive coordinator based on his experience with Pat Shurmur and Frank Reich. He talks about adapting to players' skills and how Justin Jefferson should be used going forward. What system does Kirk Cousins work best in? How does the next OC need to design his offense and how does Mike Zimmer play into all this?
Published 01/05/21
Matthew Coller and Chad Graff dive deep into the biggest names in Vikings land and what their future holds. What did Mike Zimmer's comments about 7-9 mean? Does Gary Kubiak return as offensive coordinator? How do we look at Kirk Cousins's season? Plus Danielle Hunter, Anthony Barr and the rebuilding process on defense.
Published 01/04/21
Matthew Coller and ESPN's Courtney Cronin talk after the Vikings' win over Detroit about some interesting comments from head coach Mike Zimmer about the team's final record. What's the No. 1 offseason priority, what is the outlook for Justin Jefferson and what did this year mean for Kirk Cousins's future.
Published 01/04/21
Matthew Coller and Manny Hill take on some fun questions regarding this week's Lions-Vikings game, including which Lions quarterback you'd pick to lead a game-winning drive that wasn't Matthew Stafford, how many young Vikings players can you actually get excited about, which teams are as bad as the Lions in other pro sports and how the Vikings would have finished this year if Denny Green was coaching.
Published 01/01/21
Matthew Coller and CBS Sports's Chris Trapasso talk about whether the Vikings should keep an eye on Trey Lance and whether the offensive and defensive line classes are strong this year. Plus they look at wide receiver and why the Yannick Ngakoue trade was so harmful to their draft stock.
Published 12/31/20
Matthew Coller and former Minnesota Vikings Jeremiah Sirles talk decide to pass on breaking down the Vikings-Saints film and elect to do the entire show with the "love to see it, hate to see it" game. They talk about how far the Vikings need to go, which players showed they have potential, where the question marks are and the coach/QB get "hate to see it" breakdowns.
Published 12/30/20
This is part 1 of a series diving deep into what makes NFL offenses modern and what the Minnesota Vikings can stand to learn from this season in order to upgrade next year. How do modern offenses use running backs and the running game? Do the Vikings have a modern play-action game? How does their team building factor in? And which offenses should they be stealing from?
Published 12/29/20
The Minnesota Vikings are in position to play it straight this offseason and make a few nice signings and otherwise stay the course. They could also blow it up and do some wild things like trading the coach and quarterback or trading Danielle Hunter that would really change the entire shape of the franchise. Which makes more sense? Matthew Coller gets together with PFF's cap guru Brad Spielberger to talk about which direction is smarter for the team to take.
Published 12/28/20
In an epic breakdown of everything that caused the Minnesota Vikings to miss the playoffs in 2020 Matthew Coller and Courtney Cronin go from start to finish on who's to blame and how we got here. Why weren't the Vikings able to figure out this would be a rebuilding year? Did they believe they could just coach up the defense? That doesn't appear to be the case after allowing 52 points to the New Orleans Saints. Plus what impact does Kirk Cousins contract play in all their decisions?
Published 12/26/20