The OC Savior: Ep. 9, Total Bullsh*t
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Queen of the Con host Johathan Walton has uncovered new evidence that proves... while Lizzie Mulder was pleading guilty to scamming more than a dozen people in Orange County out of $1.5 million, she was also scamming a federal judge and two federal prosecutors. They just had no idea. But now that they know - will Lizzie Mulder face any consequences?  See for privacy information.
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A series of crazy lawsuits and appeals filed by Peggy's son Elkin against Peggy's ex-husband for the most bizarre reasons is unearthed and analyzed. See for privacy information.
Published 05/02/24
Published 05/02/24
Television producer Andrena Hale shares her personal experience with Peggy. From Peggy allegedly scamming drug dealers on the streets of New Orleans to where Peggy claims all those millions she stole from professional athletes actually went. See for privacy information.
Published 04/25/24