QQ ep 91 - The Guys Get Runners High
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The guys talk about getting high, RUNNERS high!  And no sponsors this week, so enjoy a commercial free episode!
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In this episode the guys talk about which professional sport they could last the longest in, and there's also a weird new bit!  And as always big thanks to our sponsors. Thanks to Hawthorne. Take your quiz and get 10% off your first purchase at hawthorne.co with code QQ.  Thanks to...
Published 07/23/21
In this episode Daniel walks Soren through the viral Cat Lady drama that swept twitter, and halfway through the story Soren remembers that he's familiar with it! We promise it's really engaging!!  And as always big thanks to our sponsors, thanks to Honey, shop with confidence — get Honey for FREE...
Published 07/16/21
In this episode Dan talks about his recent adventure as a mysterious man in a small east coast town. It's like a Stephen King Novel!   And as always big thanks to our sponsors.  Thanks to Skillshare.com/qq and one-month free trial of  Premium Membership. And Thanks to  Raycon!.  Go To...
Published 07/09/21