Jon Gabrus is here to tell you about a new series from some guy named Gino Lombardo, out now on Stitcher Premium. Listen to the trailer, and if you don't have Stitcher Premium, you can go to stitcherpremium.com and use the code GINO at checkout to get one month free!
Published 10/21/19
Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata is out now! Listen for an exclusive clip from the show, then subscribe on your favorite podcast app!
Published 06/12/19
On Raised By TV's most timely First & Last ever, Jon & Lauren are talking about the series premiere and finale of Game Of Thrones, and they brought in the original bad boy of podcasting Sean Clements to help! They wonder if there was ever a point to the Stark direwolves, notice Peter Dinklage's wig has become much better, and discuss Brienne's Doogie Howser moment. You can hear new episodes of Raised By TV every Wednesday, exclusively on Stitcher Premium. For a free month, go...
Published 05/27/19
Today Jon & Lauren finally welcome Sean Clements and Hayes Davenport of Hollywood Handbook, two comedians who were inarguably raised by TV. They reminisce about watching old VHS tapes over and over again, make the case for The Challenge being the most entertaining show of our era, and watch a bit of Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge. Looking for more Raised By TV? New episodes will premiere exclusively on Stitcher Premium starting April 17th. For a free month, go...
Published 04/10/19
This week Lapkus & Gabrus welcome comedy legend Larry Charles (Seinfeld, Borat)! They reminisce about the weirdness of Christian TV and learn why Borat got a wildly different reaction in person than Bruno, before Larry describes how his latest high-wire series, Larry Charles' Dangerous World Of Comedy, came about. This episode is brought to you by Brilliant Earth (www.brilliantearth.com/TV) and Philo (www.philo.tv/tv).
Published 04/03/19
Today’s Raised By TV guest is Horatio Saaaaanz! He chats with Jon & Lauren about messing with his siblings’ TV time, loving “Petticoat Junction” and “Unsolved Mysteries,” and why OJ was too nice to play The Terminator. Plus: The origin of “I Wish It Was Christmas Today!” This episode is brought to you by Brilliant Earth (www.brilliantearth.com/TV).
Published 03/27/19
On a new installment of “First And Last,” Jon & Lauren watch the series premiere and finale of ER! They declare that “Noah Wyle is bae,” don’t understand why no one in the pilot is using gloves, and wonder if they would have made good doctors, before getting into the TV deaths that affected them the most. This episode is brought to you by Brilliant Earth (www.brilliantearth.com/TV).
Published 03/20/19
Today in Raised By TV's unfurnished basement hangout is comedian and "We Called Your Mom" host Beth Stelling! She chats with Jon & Lauren about how Married With Children made her feel dirty as a kid, why Rachel Brosnahan is so good on The Marvelous Ms. Maisel, and the eternal debate between stand up and improv.
Published 03/13/19
Raised By TV returns for a new season with none other than the Doughboys, Nick Wiger and Mike Mitchell! They talk about why Married with Children was such a forward thinking show, and find a long-forgotten bumper for Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Twins." Plus: revisiting I Dream Of Jeannie, The Real Ghostbusters, and the original HBO Feature Presentation intro.
Published 03/06/19
It's the season finale of RBTV, and Jon & Lauren are discussing some of their favorite and least favorite series finales, from Seinfeld to Girls to The Shield. Then, they answer fan questions about their favorite studio title cards, what reality shows they would succeed on, and what sitcoms they want to see rebooted. Plus: An improvised sitcom with Tami Sagher, "The Furries Family!" Season 4 of Raised By TV starts NEXT WEEK! Get ready for new episodes on Earwolf and Stitcher...
Published 02/27/19
Tami Sagher (30 Rock, Inside Amy Schumer) is in the RBTV studios today! She talks to Lapkus and Gabrus about the different between VHS and Betamax and how the Brady Bunch cast got screwed out of residuals, before establishing that an essay she wrote as a child was definitely written in third grade, NOT in sixth grade. This episode is brought to you by Every Plate (www.everyplate.com code: TV6) and Care/Of (www.takecareof.com code: TV50).
Published 02/20/19
Today’s Raised By TV special guests are “If I Were You”’s Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld! They reveal their bar mitzvah themes, talk about why the “Cheers” and “Charles In Charge” theme songs were so memorable, and debate which season of “The Wire” was the worst, before sharing their current TV recommendations.
Published 02/13/19
Today's guest is Danielle Schneider from Bitch Sesh and The Hotwives! She talks to Jon & lauren about growing up in Boca Raton among old people, and her early obsession with Designing Women and soap operas like All My Children. Then she gets into her love of the Real Housewives series, how you can tell when they're playing it up for the cameras, and why it's depressing when they incorporate children into the plot.
Published 02/06/19
Today Jon & Lauren sit down with writer and actor John Levenstein to go through his extensive IMDB page! They talk about his colorful childhood in Greenwich Village, working with Joan Cusack and the Lawrence brothers, and why Nick Kroll is a great emotional actor, plus get into Baskets and his new podcast John Levenstein's Retirement Party.
Published 01/30/19
Jason Mantzoukas (How Did This Get Made, The League) is Jon & Lauren’s special guest this week! He shares childhood memories of watching Zoom, Magnum PI, and bizarre muffled commercials for a local toy store. Then in the second half, he goes deep on his love of Sex And the City, having frank discussions with guy friends, and why he doesn’t use social media. This episode is brought to you by Zola (www.zola.com/RAISEDBYTV).
Published 01/23/19
Jon & Lauren travel north of the border to watch the series premiere and finale of Canadian teen soap phenomenon Degrassi! They ask why the plot is so absurdly complicated, appreciate how the actors in the show are played by real teenagers, and try to figure out what’s going on with the fedora. Later: Dana & Shannon, two Degrassi superfans from Earwolf, stop by to defend the show. This episode is brought to you by Deadly Class on Syfy (www.deadlyclass.syfy.com).
Published 01/16/19
This week Gabrus & Lapkus are in studio with the creators of HBO’s Animals, Phil Matarese and Mike Luciano! After explaining how they developed Animals and where they want the show to go from here, they dive into the TV that influenced them, from how cool it was that Tommy Pickles’ family celebrated Hanukkah on Rugrats, to how weird it was when Jerry Seinfeld dated a 17 year old.
Published 01/09/19
This week Mary Holland, Erin Whitehead and Stephanie Allynne from Wild Horses are in studio to play the classic 90's sleepover game Girl Talk! They will discover their futures while sharing embarrassing school stories and trying to avoid zit stickers. Plus: a Very Special Episode of Saved By The Bell that's even more special than usual!
Published 01/02/19
Today’s guest is the only and only Billy West, voice of Doug, Stimpy, Fry and much more! Billy gets into his childhood of watching Supercar and obsessing over TV, explains why Stimpy doesn’t sound like a depressed old man, and paints a detailed portrait of what would happen if Doug went to jail.
Published 12/26/18
This week Jon & Lauren watch the pilot and series finale of Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse’s epic sci-fi drama Lost! They figure out what makes Matthew Fox hot, laugh at the earthquake effects that haven’t aged well, and try to remember what the deal is with the finale’s parallel universe. Plus: What shows do you prefer watching week-to-week? This episode is brought to you by Robinhood (RAISEDBYTV.robinhood.com) and Try My Fit Jeans (www.myfitjeans.com code: TV).
Published 12/19/18
This week, Ben Rodgers and Ryan Stanger (and of course Gabrus) of The Action Boyz podcast join Lauren to get into all the action TV shows of their youth like MacGyver, Knight Rider, Quantum Leap and more! Plus: a Mr. T music video, Baywatch swimming secrets, "...and twins!" This episode is brought to you by Hello Fresh (www.hellofresh.com/RAISED60) and Try My Fit Jeans (www.myfitjeans.com code: TV).
Published 12/12/18
It’s a Raised By TV sleepover, live from LA’s Dynasty Typewriter with special guests Tawny Newsome and Carl Tart! After sharing some of their favorite sleepover memories, they watch a clip show of racy late night TV and bizarre commercials from the 80s and 90s. Then stick around for a high-stakes Family Guy and Homeland trivia game. This episode is brought to you by Caavo (www.caavo.com code: TV), The Jim Jefferies Show podcast, and Try My Fit Jeans (www.myfitjeans.com code: TV).
Published 12/05/18
On a new “First And Last” episode, Lauren & Jon talk about the series premiere and finale of a show they’ve never seen, House M.D.! They describe the pilot as mixing the tropes of a police procedural with a medical drama, then try to figure out what the hell is happening in the twisty finale, and how it compares to the infamous finale of Dexter. Plus: Lauren never wants to eat ham again. This episode is brought to you by Caavo and Lola.
Published 11/28/18
Today's Raised By TV guest is the incredible Ego Nwodim! She talks about growing up in Baltimore (which is not like The Wire), why Jamie Foxx doesn't get enough credit, and her surprising favorite film. And also, poop stories. This episode is brought to you by The Jim Jeffries Show podcast, Caavo (www.caavo.com code: TV), and Robinhood (RAISEDBYTV.robinhood.com).
Published 11/21/18
Today’s guest is the one and only Yeardley Smith, aka the voice of Lisa Simpson! She talk about her start in sketch comedy, revisits her role in Maximum Overdrive, shares why the Simpsons voice cast still records all their lines together, and dives into the origin story for her new podcast, Small Town Dicks. This episode is brought to you by Fallout 76 and Caavo (www.caavo.com code: TV).
Published 11/14/18