A donde vamos?
Published 12/03/20
Published 12/03/20
Amor y paz
Published 11/29/20
Regar las buenas semillas
Published 11/27/20
El amor de la escuchA
Published 11/24/20
Seamos un motor de cambio
Published 11/19/20
Como conocer nuestros objetivos
Published 11/16/20
Getting to know his masters
Published 09/20/20
Entering hell
Published 09/19/20
Published 09/19/20
Why religion has played such an important role
Published 09/18/20
Why we are as we are
Published 09/17/20
Why do we fight with our ego and how do we make peace with it ?
Published 09/16/20
What are your deepest fears and why do you have them ?
Published 09/15/20
I feel honor to pronounce the words of such a great philosopher
Published 09/14/20
The laws who rule our world
Published 09/05/20
Time to go savage, time to take action
Published 09/04/20
In this one we discover what are the true foundations of ur true you
Published 09/03/20
Unleash the power of your inner self
Published 09/02/20
Let's dive into the real meaning of communication and how to have better relationships
Published 09/01/20
Let's go into a new dimension and bring peace and joy not just for urself but for our surrounding
Published 08/23/20
In this episode we discover the power of a habit and how to change it from it's roots
Published 08/20/20
In this episode we unveiled the secrets of ancient groups of people trying to manipulate the way how we see and perceive the world around us
Published 08/19/20
In this segment I try to cover and give the best tips and key elements for you to become that person you've wanted to be all of your life, lets take a look at it and discover how to be the best version of yourself.
Published 08/18/20
In this podcast we cover some of the incognitas about life and we go into the mind of a successful CASANOVA. Discover more .
Published 08/17/20