Billy Talent - Crisis of Faith
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We’re back with another Riot Act Reviews, the show where we cast our critical eye over a brand new release from a sizable or interesting artist. Today we’re looking at the 6th studio album from Canadian stadium punk lads Billy Talent, Crisis of Faith. Billy Talent are both sizable AND interesting, particularly if you’re German, but both of our hosts scratch their heads and try to remember the bands previous album, 2016’s Afraid of Heights, but can’t quite put their finger on having any prior knowledge of it. That’s not to say we have no prior love of BT, in fact their earlier material is very close to the heart of one of us, but that was the past, and can the Billy Talent of 2022 match up to their wiry, yelping and anthemic best of the 2000’s? (Like Billy Talent? Pick up some merch or pre-order the record why dontcha!?) (Billy Talent - End Of Me feat. Rivers Cuomo (Official Music Video)) (Billy Talent - Reckless Paradise - Official Lyric Video) This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable -
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